This is the week that was: spotted on the school run

After the extended break from school this year, when we went back to school the other month I found myself looking at the school run with fresh eyes. The annual ceremony of the leaves in autumn, the bare branches gradually making an appearance weeks later. Maybe it was a bit of mindfulness in practice. I started enjoying the drive more, and taking in other things I spotted on the school run.

  • a mother pushing her tall primary school aged son with his leg in a cast on his scooter, her arms wrapped round him from behind
  • a man with six shih tzu dogs on leads tangled up like a messy fluffy maypole
  • a papier-mâché and tin foil AT-AT from Star Wars in a front garden

After school I have started driving two thirds of the way to school and walking the rest, to get some much needed exercise and to give me and my son a bit of extra time together walking back to the car before the distractions of homework, television, and the Nintendo switch. Spotted on the school run of an afternoon, I’ve enjoyed:

  • discovering the gentle trickle of a pond coming from behind the overgrown railings of an old house that I’ve often driven past but never walked past before
  • seeing a smiling grandmother spoon feeding her baby grandson between the large jade pants in the front window of the closed cantonese takeaway
  • a robin perched on the handle of a garden fork, left in the front border of a garden

What sights have you spotted on the school run, work commute, or your walk or run this week? If you can’t think of anything, then keep your eyes open next time…



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