Review: The TOG24 Beverley 3-in-1 Women’s Jacket

It’s not very often I review products on this blog, mostly because I’m a fussy bugger, but as I started to get into walking late this summer (late to the party in lockdown hobbies, I know) I realised I was woefully underprepared for actually being outdoors. My little trip up Moel Famau is testament to that, leaving me sweaty and cold at the same time, and smelling of Eau de Deep Heat for about a week afterwards. So it’s as much a surprise to me as anyone that I’ve got something to tell people about the Beverley 3-in-1 women’s jacket from Yorkshire based outdoor clothing company TOG24.

What does 3-in1 mean?

The coat has a downy inside lightweight snuggly jacket, and an outer breathable wind/rainproof jacket. They come connected but you can easily separate them and wear them individually if you prefer.

So you have three options from one jacket: wear them both together, or either jacket on their own. Et voila, 3-in-1!

The Beverley 3-in-1 Jacket from TOG24 in ‘Jewel’

Why I like it

Inner jacket:
  • It covers my bum
  • The ‘Jewel’ colour that I’ve got my jacket in is lovely and something I’d never thought of before because I’m boring and always wear black
  • It’s perfect for the school run because it’s comfy in the car and keeps the chill off in the playground on mild days
  • It’s a really lightweight women’s jacket
  • It looks great on its own without the outer layer and separates easily without any telltale signs that it belongs to another garment
  • It’s gently tailored to women round the waist which is flattering even to me who has no waist whatsoever
Outer jacket
  • It’s rainproof which is great for everyday use when I don’t have an umbrella
  • It’s breathable which is perfect for long walks when I sweat buckets
  • It’s got zips in all the right places which are covered so that no moisture can get in
  • The hood actually works – this is so important when you wear glasses!
  • It has adjustable cuffs which is ideal for me because I have a terrible time with sleeves that are too long because I have to buy bigger sizes
Both jackets combined as one
  • It’s warm, making it perfect for blustery days, coastal walks, and being in cool shady places like the woods
  • It’s waterproof so I don’t have to worry about the changeable weather throughout autumn and winter
  • The two layers connect and disconnect effectively and easily

Why you might like it

  • TOG24 designed the Beverley 3-in-1 women’s jacket to be durable and say “you’ll never need another jacket”
  • It’s machine washable which is handy if the dog shakes all over you after a muddy walk
  • It has a 1 year guarantee with free replacements
  • TOG24 is Yorkshire based so easy to get in touch with for customer care
  • It comes in the blue/teal ‘Jewel’ (which I’ve got) and also a lovely red ‘Raspberry’ as well as classic Black
The Beverley 3-in-1 Jacket from TOG24 in ‘Raspberry’

So far my mum and sister have both tried it on and made those Oooh! and Mmm! approving noises that people make, I’ve recommended it to my friend who does the school run with two boys (albeit she drives too so she’s no more an outdoorsman than me!) and a woman in the queue next to me in Morrison’s who I doubt I’ll ever see again.

The lovely team at TOG24 gifted me this women’s jacket while I was doing my research into outdoor clothing for beginner walkers, but my review is genuine otherwise I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing it on the school run.

TOG24 also have a men’s and a kids’ range out outdoor wear and I’ll definitely be checking out their children’s jackets next year when my son has finally grown out of his Isbjorn of Sweden jacket and we’ve handed it on to someone else. This is how we introduce a bit of sustainability to our clothing choices where we can, with durable garments with great design.

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