Penguin Feeding Experiences in the UK

Whatever your age, penguin feeding experiences are a fun way to enjoy these lovable animals up close and personal. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of our little flippered friends or just looking for a cute activity for dates or special occasions, I’ve rounded up some of the best penguin feeding experiences in the U.K. to book for yourself or to give as a gift.

Chester Zoo

My all time favourite zoo offers Humboldt penguin encounters from £89 per person. Encounters last about half an hour and include:

  • Free admission into the zoo for the participant
  • Complimentary drink
  • The chance to meet and feed our colony of penguins
  • The opportunity to learn about these beautiful animals and ask one of our keepers any questions you may have
  • Small gift and experience certificate

Drusillas Park, Sussex

Help the keepers with part of their daily penguin routine including feeding their charming Humboldt penguins. Experiences last around 30-40 minutes and include photo opportunities.

Edinburgh Zoo

For £90 per person you can book one of Edinburgh Zoo’s magic moment experiences. The zoo, which is home to the UK’s only colony of king penguins – although I’m not sure if they’re included in the actual penguin feeding experiences, described as:

A very special 30 minutes spent with some of the Zoo’s most famous animals. Get up close and personal to our penguins and learn about the 3 species – kings, gentoos and rockhoppers – as you help the keeper’s with their afternoon feed. 

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Feed the Humboldt penguins at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, priced at £75 for one person or £100 for 2 people. The encounters last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

West Midlands Safari Park

Feed some fishy treats to the Humboldt penguins of Penguin Cove at West Midlands Safari Park. Experiences last approximately 20 minutes.

London Zoo

London Zoo offers a 15 minute experience with their Humboldt penguins which includes access to Penguin Beach to meet the penguins up close but does not include feeding – ideal if you don’t fancy plunging your hand into buckets of smelly fish and squid!

Flamingo Land, North Yorks

Enjoy 30 minutes of Humboldt penguins including feeding for £25 per person, with a two person limit.

Oceanarium at Bournemouth Aquarium

Hand feed the colony of Humboldt penguins at Bournemouth Aquarium’s VIP penguin beach encounter. Penguin feeding experiences are priced at £50 for 25 minutes.

Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire

For £45 over 8s can feed both Humboldt and Macaroni penguins – something you don’t often get to do – in this 20 minute experience which also includes a cuddly penguin toy as a gift.

Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo’s Meet and Greet experience for two is ideal for a child aged 6-14 plus an accompanying adult (or 15 years and over anyway). The experience includes:

  • Free admission to the Zoo for the participant and a guest
  • The unforgettable chance to meet and feed our colony of penguins
  • Going behind the scenes of our award winning penguin enclosure
  • The opportunity to learn about the species and ask our knowledgeable keepers all about our penguins 
  • Complimentary drink in The Hide Restaurant


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