Review: Giesswein Wool Cross X women’s walking shoes

This year has brought us all outdoors – for picnics, garden visits, driveway birthday greetings, and a lot more of us getting stuck in to walking and hiking throughout the great British outdoors. So I swapped my Nikes for some proper walking gear, and have been introduced to Giesswein Wool Cross X women’s walking shoes.

Incredibly, these women’s walking shoes claim to be odour resistant – but there’s more – at the same time they’re designed to be worn without socks, yet are made of wool. Read that again. I know, doesn’t compute does it?

Turns out wool is actually dead good for that kind of thing. Who knew? Well apparently Giesswein knew, cause this is kinda their thing. I’ve had loads of merino wool products before but shoes have never been one of them. The idea of these was new ground for me so I road tested a pair of their popular women’s walking shoes to see whether they were all they were cracked up to be. 

Could they really stay fresh as a daisy after I’d been on my travels in them?

Where I’ve been testing the Giesswein Wool Cross X

Where haven’t I been testing them more like. I’ve been wearing the Giesswein Wool Cross X over a period of nearly a month now to get a good feel for them in different weathers and terrains. 

They were easy to wear from the get go, with no ‘breaking in’ needed. Probably something to do with the wool technology they use.

So far they’ve been with me on:

  • National Trust days over flagged courtyards and woodland strewn with wet leaves on rainy Saturdays
  • The cobbles and flags of the Albert Dock and Liverpool waterfront on a Friday night 
  • Formby to Crosby coastal path on a sunny Sunday 
  • The rockpools at New Brighton
  • Er, the school run 

The verdict so far? Well I haven’t slipped over on anything which is promising for a start, and despite being made with wool they weren’t too hot on hot days, nor did they get that smelly wet dog smell on rainy days. 

I wore them without socks a few times on the school run and each time they were comfy and not in the slightest bit sticky. Whether I’d want to go further afield without socks on I’m not sure… Maybe I’ll try in the summer.

Giesswein Wool Cross X women’s walking shoes

Giesswein Wool Cross X features 

  • Merino wool naturally wicks aware swear and neutralises odours 
  • The no-sock design eliminates odours and dampness better than any manmade fabric could
  • Unbelievably, they are machine washable 
  • They regulate your foot temperature, so no hot swollen feet after a long walk 
  • They have a Micro Grip sole, enabling them to handle varied terrains (from school runs to rock pools)
  • The women’s Wool Cross X trail shoes come in 7 different colourways (I’ve got the pink and purple ones which make a nice change from Black for me)
  • They’re as light as a pair of Air Max, not at all what you’d expect for proper walking gear
  • They’re quick-drying, so if you take them on a trip and they get wet the first day, you’ll be good to go again in the morning 

Giesswein the Wool Experts

Never heard of Giesswein before? No neither had I but that’s one of the great things about blogging; you can connect with people who bring the best brands to you and send you all the info you need. 

So it was when I was putting feelers out for the best walking gear for beginners and was sourcing women’s walking shoes that I discovered Giesswein, an Austrian family business run by third generation brothers Markus and Johannes who are experts in wool. 

They’re Europe’s largest producers of 100% virgin wool clothing, and are big on sustainability in their production and resourcing. 

100% Merino wool insides

Giesswein Wool Cross X: The takeaway

  • Lightweight and comfy 
  • Great for a variety of terrains
  • Amazing use of wool technology 
  • Well established and trusted brand 
  • Can be worn with or without socks 
  • Breathable and odour resistant 
  • Quick drying after wet walks 

All round the Giesswein Wool Cross X gets a thumbs up from me. After learning about the brand and test driving the trail shoes I’d be confident investing in another pair of shoes from them (have got my eye on some of the kids trail shoes already).

Post script

As mentioned, I was gifted the Giesswein Wool Cross X as part of my research into walking gear for beginners. My review is honest, based on what I hope is a reasonable amount of product testing, and I hope I’ve been able to introduce a new brand and product to you that you might not have heard of before. 


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