This is the week that was: Scrans + Best Laid Plans

Well, the best laid plans sometimes go to waste, and that was partially the case this weekend when the potential walk up Moel Famau didn’t happen and we got knocked back from Ghetto Golf because someone had on sportswear which believe it or not is against their dress code. Mind boggling.

Six by Nico

Anyway we go again another day in that department but for now the week was rounded off beautifully with another visit to Six by Nico who had brought back their Liverpool launch menu The Chippie (yes it burns my head out too that they say Chippie not Chippy but it’s not my gaff so…).

I love Nico’s, I love The Chippie menu, and I had a lovely day. But it wasn’t quite the buzz as previous visits before lockdown.

Maybe because I was a bit tipsy at the launch that I remember it differently, and certainly because as the staff talk you through each course as it arrives at your table, a lot of this is lost behind the new face masks these days. Also, dare I say it, I’m not even entirely sure the monkfish and beef shin were cooked as well as last time.

I’m sure I’ll be going back for their next menu in September though; I like the six course menus and I think it’s accessible fine dining in a non snobby environment.

Maggie Fu

Absolutely no disappointments from Maggie Fu on Smithdown, where I go out of my way to visit whenever I get the chance. Apart from the fact that it was so chocker that they weren’t even running a waiting list for tables, so we had to take out.

Ramen in a curry broth, salt and pepper sui mai, pyjamas on, bit of Modern Family. Love all that.

Breakout Liverpool

I returned to Breakout Liverpool for the first time in ages as I was invited down to try out their zombie themed escape room, Outbreak.

It was just as much fun as I remember and harder than I remember! I’ve covered everything you need to know in my review of the Outbreak zombie themed escape room game at Breakout Liverpool blog post if you are interested in going. I definitely recommend it.

Paolo & Donato

After breaking out of the escape room we grabbed lunch at Paolo & Donato my favourite Italian deli with their own bakery and a gorgeous selection of cakes and ice cream in so many flavours (including vegan if that’s what you’re after!).

Bombed Out Church Garden Bar

We were also invited down to have a drink at the Bombed Out Church Garden Bar which I listed on my Best Outdoor Bars in Liverpool feature because I love the use of the iconic space.

It’s worth knowing that although it’s outdoor, you can’t smoke on the premises and have to physically leave and go out onto Leece St if you want to smoke.

It appears to be dog friendly and child friendly but they only seemed to have portaloos for toilets so that’s not ideal if you’ve got kids. Or if you’re me.

Anyway it’s worth popping into especially on a sunny day.

Coming up

Next week I’m expecting a much slower week as I make sure I’ve got all the school uniform needed for September and indulge in a bit of slow living – which is Instagram speak for not doing much.

Until next time, have a read of these while you’re waiting x

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