This is the week that was: plans, pain, and personal development

This has been a week of plans, pain and personal development. I‘ve been going to the physio lately about my shoulder. I’m in a bad way and basically can’t lift my right arm properly. I’m working on a feature about fun activities for grown ups in Liverpool and was due to go axe throwing this weekend but I’m under strict instructions from the physio not to lift my arms above my head so my inner Viking is gonna have to wait for another day.

I’m not complaining but I will say it’s almost impossible not to lift your arms up. Putting your hair in a bobble, taking your tops on and off, getting glasses out of the cupboard, washing your hair. You’d have to literally tape my hands to my side if you wanted me to keep them down properly.

So in the meantime on the fun activities front I’m going to check out one of the escape rooms at Breakout Liverpool which I’ve never tried before. Hopefully not much arm lifting involved there but it is up a few flights of stairs so I’ll be doing my best Riverdance up them with my arms by my side and no doubt collapse with exhaustion at the top.

We have got lunch at Six by Nico booked and might even go up Moel Famau (which is what those few flights of stairs will feel like to me). Food and fresh air and fun. Can’t get better than that.

This week I managed to plonk the baby (7 this winter) in front of some crap on the telly for an hour while I took part in a webinar hosted by the Women’s Organisation (I say took part, I was still in my PJs and eating peanut butter on toast but luckily it’s a one-way thing). The Women’s Org really is a real gem, providing business support and personal development for women in Liverpool and across what I think they call the greater Liverpool region or something like that – basically includes Halton, Sefton, and parts of the Wirral I think.

This webinar wasn’t a business one. I’m at a bit of a crossroads work wise at the moment so I think I’ll be getting lots of help off them in the future. But for now I’ve just signed up for a few of their Change It personal development sessions. This one was about Coping Mechanisms and although it was pretty much a whistle stop tour of 10 tips (not all of which will suit everyone – but speaker Denise did say it only takes one or two small changes to make a difference) it did get me thinking about how I feel when I’m ‘coping’ i.e. under pressure of some sort, and what additional stressful thoughts and unhelpful criticisms I allow room in my head.

Mostly, I felt like I’d participated in something grown up. After months of home schooling, Teen Titans Go!, and Lego I was beginning to feel quite isolated from adult life.

Talking of other grown up activities, me and Scarlet Wonderland (who is an adult on paper but a frightening terror pixie irl) have got a joint project in the pipeline which might be fab or horrendous or both. Watch this space!

Until next time, please keep your hands to yourself.


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