Things I Wish I’d Done Before Lockdown

It’s been a long few weeks since the government (rather belatedly) introduced a nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and like many people I’m looking forward to getting back to some sense of normality. At the same time though, I’ve been kicking myself about all the things that I wish I’d done before lockdown. I don’t just mean pretty significant stuff like going on holiday, or hugging my mum more, but some actually very mundane things…

I wish I’d got my hair cut

A couple of weeks before lockdown I had my hair cut. It was like a weight was lifted; four or five inches of bad hair lopped off. But it wasn’t quite enough; I’ve got another couple inches of colour-damaged hair from an old Balayage that needs cutting out too, and every time I brush my hair the brush gets caught in the dry ends, reminding me not to be such a wimp next time I’m sitting in the salon chair. The hairdressers is definitely going to be one of my first ports of call one the coast is clear. Might get a Speak to the Manager cut to keep me going.

I wish I’d sorted out my admin

I’ve got piles of paperwork. No, honestly – bags of paperwork. Boxes of bags of piles of paperwork. Old statements, receipts, correspondence, and stuff you ideally need to shred rather than chuck out in household waste but I haven’t got a shredder (had one once, just kept bursting open creating shit dusty confetti parades everywhere).

No worries, I thought, I’ll burn it in the back garden. Confidential and satisfying. But then it was announced people should avoid garden fires because it can worsen respiratory problems for people recovering from Covid-19 at home and asthma sufferers, so now I don’t want to because what the world needs now is fewer selfish pricks not more.

I wish I’d been to brunch more

Last year I started Birds Who Brunch, roughly monthly get togethers for women who always wanted to meet someone they know from instagram but didn’t know how to go about it or didn’t want to sound like a complete weirdo asking one person on a mate date (even though there’s nothing wrong with that by the way and I hope more of us will do that more when all this is over). It always makes me happy to see people who met through brunch making friends with each other.

Before lockdown started I’d let it slide, I hadn’t made bookings, because I couldn’t find any dates which were convenient to me. So I’m going to book some post-lockdown brunch dates and whether I can make them or not, it’s not just about me.

I wish I’d been to the charity shop

“Any day now, I’m going to sort my life out” has been my mantra for forever, but now more than ever I wish I’d taken load of bags of stuff to charity. Instead, they’re building up everywhere around me, as we transition fully into summer clothes and run out of room for 5 year old winter jumpers that are no use anymore. Definitely going to get on the ball when lockdown is over, and Marie Kondo the shit out of absolutely everything.

I wish I’d been to the post office

In a similar vein, my wardrobe is chocker with bags of clothes that I ordered and missed the return date for because when the lockdown began I was too reticent to go to the post office. If only I’d been on the ball and been to the post office as soon as I knew I didn’t want to keep the clothes then not only would I now be able to reach my kettlebells and yoga mat in the back of my wardrobe (and yes I absolutely am using that as an excuse for being a sloth) but I wouldn’t be down over £500 that I really can’t afford to be without. The result? I’ll have to stick them on ebay and Depop, and end up going to the post office again and again each time I sell an item for a fraction of the price.

When all of this is over

There’s no point in any of us beating ourselves up over any of this. What we did or didn’t do before lockdown. But I can learn something about myself -thinking about all these little things that I dragged my feet about, or didn’t get round to doing – and it’s only worth learning something about yourself if you’re going to use it to improve yourself. So fingers crossed I get round to improving myself.


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