Flour Free Banana Pancakes

It’s lockdown, there’s next to no flour on the supermarket shelves, I’m trying to fatten up my little string bean of a child, and I absolutely do not have the emotional capacity right now to cope with cereal spillages. So every morning I’ve been treating 6 year old Spaghetti Legs to my flour free banana pancakes.

Just two ingredients and a couple of utensils – that’s all you really need. Even a reluctant cook like me can pull off these dead easy flour free banana pancakes, and I’m getting better and better at them every day (so don’t give up if your first attempt looks like Concert Square on a Sunday morning).

Since I’ve been absolutely bombarding social media with pictures of his lordship’s brekkies (I’m sorry. I’m so lonely), a few people have asked how to make them. So here’s a little tutorial and tips for you all.

You will need:

  • 1 x banana (the softer the better, perfect use for those speckly ones that nobody likes)
  • 1 x egg (I use Burford Browns from Clarence Court Eggs which have a really rich colour and make my pancakes look a brighter yellow in the video)
  • A Pyrex jug (or mixing bowl and ladle) for pouring
  • Some butter or oil. I find Lurpak light in a tub quite good because it’s half vegetable oil. Or a flavourless cooking oil. Never use Olive Oil for frying – it’s not suitable because of its smoking temperature and doesn’t taste nice for pancakes
  • A good non-stick frying pan and spatula
  • Kitchen roll for getting some of the oil or butter off before serving
  • Toppings! We like berries, golden syrup (super sickly with the banana if you ask me), a dusting of icing sugar, summer fruit compote, or some squirty cream.

One batch will make a stack of six little pancakes (if they all turn out OK!). I’ve tried variations (adding cream, flour, or two eggs to one banana) and I found sticking to one egg and one banana works best for consistency and taste.

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