The best Advent Calendars for you and them

I’m a nightmare for leaving things until the last minute and cannot run the risk of forgetting to buy Advent Calendars again this year (the 24 hour delay caused absolute murder last year – there were threats of leaving home to “go and live with Nana” and all sorts flying about), so I’ve done my research on what’s out there to suit more or less everyone in the family.

Opening the little windows every day helps to kick off the Christmas spirit (or at least for us normal people who haven’t thrown their deco’s up the moment the trick or treaters have gone) and of course I always think it’s nice to buy a few extra for your local Food Bank. 

Here’s my top picks of Advent Calendars for you and them:

Thornton’s Chocolates Children’s Advent Calendars

You can’t go wrong with a kids’ favourite, and Thornton’s elf character and Santa and friends are perfect for little ones counting down the days until Christmas. Pick both up for under a tenner and just remember to keep them out of reach of impatient hands!

Coco Libre dairy free advent calendar (available at Holland & Barrett and online)

Developed especially as a delicious treat for those with specific dietary requirements, the Coco Libre hand-crafted advent calendar uses creamy rice milk in its ingredients and is perfect for adults and children who need a dairy alternative for their chocolate.

Holland & Barrett Organic Tea Advent Calendar

Another Advent Calendar from Holland & Barrett – where I’ll admit it never occurred to me before would be somewhere with a good selection of alternative calendars. This 24 day countdown featuring herbal, black and fruit teas is a great choice for someone who’d prefer a warming drink throughout December rather than chocolate or or others nibbles.

Boozy Advent Calendars from Drinks by the Dram

If you’re after something stronger then get your hands on a rum, whisky, or gin advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram. A delicious shot of the best spirits every day throughout December. Their Christmas crackers also make fab stocking fillers too (for grown ups only!).

The Protein Ball Co. Advent Calendar

Ideal for the fitness fanatic in your life (which may well be you but certainly isn’t me) the geniuses at The Protein Ball Co. have created a Christmas countdown with 100% natural vegan ingredients.

Enjoy Goji + Coconut, Lemon + Pistachio, Raspberry Brownie, Apple + Blueberry, and Peanut Butter flavours behind the doors of this clean eating Advent Calendar, plus a special festive-flavoured Christmas ball for Christmas Eve.

Alternative Advent Calendars

For something completely different, I love the Advent Calendar Bedding Set from Terry’s Fabrics available in all sizes so it’s perfects for kids bedrooms or Mum & Dad’s bed for Christmas morning, The Mindful Advent by Bojourn at Not On The High Street, and the beautiful individually hand-crafted Advent Calendars from Liverpool-based online crystal emporium Luna Rose Crystals.

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