Six by Nico comes to Liverpool

It’s hard to believe that someone who gets pissed off one glass of wine, routinely gets food down her front, and has a laugh so filthy that it really shouldn’t be allowed in public spaces can hold their own in somewhere half posh, but it’s true that I can. I know which way round to use my knife and fork and everything, plus I’ve been saying for ages that Liverpool is in dire need of more upmarket restaurants. Fortunately, if you’re not that into swanky gaffs yourself, there’s nothing to be afraid of at Nico Simeone’s latest venture as Six by Nico comes to Liverpool.

Hot on the heels of his most recent success in Manchester, as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast (and I should mention that since lashing all manner of boomerangs on my Instagram stories I got so many messages from people saying how much they love their nearest branch) Nico has moved into North John Street bringing a simple but boss concept to Liverpool diners: a new themed menu every six weeks. Clue’s in the name you see.

I went along to the press launch, a windswept Saturday lunchtime, to enjoy ‘The Chippie’ Nico’s original theme brought to Liverpool for the first time. I was surprised that it would only set you back £26pp (£29pp if you go for the wine pairing option) which I think is unbelievable value for this wonderful six course tasting menu.

Course 1


Parmesan Espuma / Curry Oil / Salt and Vinegar Potato Croquette

Course 2


Monkfish Cheeks / Pea Emulsion / Herb Butter Sauce / Gribiche

Course 3


Beef Shin / Burnt Onion Ketchup / Mushroom Duxelle / Red Wine

Course 4


Cod / Confit Fennel / Samphire / Beer Pickled Mussels / Brandade

Course 5


Pork Belly / Salt Baked Celeriac / Caramelised Apple / Black Pudding

Course 6


Caramelia Chocolate Mousse / Orange Sorbet / Cocoa Nib

I’d have it all again if I could. Not straight after, obviously – it was much more filling than you’d imagine and even I’m not that much of a machine – but I keep thinking about the flavours and the ingredients and the presentation… and I want to go back. Roll on the next Six by Nico; I can’t wait to find out what’s on the next menu. 

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