This Is The Week That Was: Bank Holiday FOMO

The first time I got bad bank holiday FOMO (fear of missing out) was over 10 years ago when I was recovering, pretty slowly, from one of various operations to treat the Endometriosis I’d been diagnosed with a few years previously. Whereas in past years I’d been to Notting Hill Carnival, visited friends, or just had a long weekend of beer gardens and loud music planned, here I was stuck at home with only my Mum for company. On the one hand this meant a plentiful supply of tea and butties with the crusts cut off, but also a distinct lack of bogling and day drinking.

Yes, that August Bank Holiday weekend will always be remembered as the time we went absolutely crazy and binge watched every single episode of Sharpe on UK Gold, which was almost entertaining enough to distract me from the entire albums of ‘good times’ and ‘shenanigans’ being uploaded to Facebook by seemingly everyone else in the world or at least the 150 friends I had on my only social media account back then.

Fast forward to this year and my old Facebook account is the least of my worries. Since a torrent of new social media platforms emerged, you can get a daily dose of missing out at your fingertips, plus Bank Holiday FOMO bonus content.

I had half baked intentions of going to Creamfields. Of going over the water to see Anna Calvi and the divine Bill Ryder Jones playing Future Yard festival. Of beer gardens, day drinking, selfies. Instead I’m enjoying it all vicariously through Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. And by enjoying, I mean absolutely seething with envy and kicking myself for not being more organised and making the most of the weekend.

I wonder if UK Gold still works as a distraction…?


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