This is the week that was #58: Beside the Seaside

We went to Blackpool, me and my mate, to see Tame Impala combined with being beside the seaside. She’s a diehard fan of the seaside resort and I’ve got a fondness for Victorian piers and tacky tat in general.

The weather was weird, perhaps not surprising for June when it has a tendency to get thundery and heavy and fuck with your hair and mess with your comfort levels. So I didn’t feel too bad when I promised to pick her up at midday but didn’t get to hers until teatime – surely we weren’t missing out on much.

We checked into our hotel on the seafront – the Best Western if you’re interested – which has a decent downstairs bar area and a terrace which is nice for having a drink and watching the world, and the trams, go by.

After a quick wash and change we decided to walk back to the town centre for the gig, and after passing plenty of run down B&Bs, abandoned nightclubs and brexity lamppost stickers we found a pub to have a bevy in before going to the Empress Ballroom where Tame Impala were playing.

This bit was the highlight of the whole trip because we got asked for ID for our shandy and Summer Fruits, which is quite clearly a reflection on our dewy skin and youthful good looks and absolutely nothing to do with the usual ropey population of Blackpool.

After our drinks we met friends at the ornate Empress Ballroom, a beautiful venue which you really must try and go to if you ever get the chance. Being a genuine ballroom, it had a sprung wooden floor, which felt boss during Elephant.

The set was amazing, the sound was great, the lighting was wonderful, good choice of setlist, and there was a lovely summery atmosphere with it being just a few days before their Glastonbury appearance. Unfortunately it was like a jungle in there and we were all sweating cobs throughout.

After seeing some first rate shithousery from the local bizzies outside the venue and an expensive pit stop at Maccies, we walked back to our non-air conditioned hotel room ready for the next day.

The weather still wasn’t great when we took a stroll to the North Pier but luckily I’d packed my trusty disposable ponchos so we sat in stripy deck chairs like a couple of golden girls until the rain cleared. It was a Monday during term time and eerily quiet for what I thought would be a busy resort throughout the summer. We visited a fortune teller, ate chips on the prom, and paddled in the sea, collecting shells and interesting stones to take home to the little boys in our lives.

Whether we’ll be back any time soon I don’t know, but for 24 hours anyway it was nice to be beside the seaside.

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