Where to eat in Liverpool

What better topic for me to get excited about than my favourite hobby of feeding my face and The Best City in the Werld? There’s nothing I love more than eating out – I’d do it every night if I could – and nowhere I love more than Liverpool. So when the quite frankly handy af booking app and website Res Diary asked me to tell them the best restaurants in Liverpool for all sorts of occasions I was up for up for it. Whether you’re a local or visitor, I’ve been busy rounding up a selection of where to eat in Liverpool with something for everyone – families, dog owners, seafood lovers, loved up couples, and those who like to go somewhere new and exciting.

Child friendly restaurants in Liverpool

The super handy restaurant booking app and website Res Diary asked me, everyone’s favourite greedy mum, what my favourite child friendly restaurants in Liverpool are. And who am I to say no? After all, food and my miniature best friend are my most favourite things in the world, so I handpicked my favourites from the city centre to the suburbs and came up with my Top 5.

Some of them we’ve been to quite a few times: relative newcomer The Book in West Derby village is Spaghetti Legs’ favourite pizza in Liverpool (although I think it’s because he loves the chef) although my favourite will always be Crust on Bold Street. Yard & Coop too has seen a fair bit of our custom since it opened on Hanover Street a couple of years ago.  It’s reminded me how much I love going out to eat with my little fab face and how I hope he’ll always want to go out for tea with his mum even when he’s an old man himself.

From dinky West Derby dining to the wow factor in Woolton, and some family favourites in town to boot, here’s my favourite Child Friendly Restaurants in Liverpool for Res Diary.

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