This Is The Week That Was: The best of the internet

Usually in my TITWTW posts I talk about – *drumroll* – my week (you may now stop gasping with surprise) and this might be because I am, by and large, an introvert (I have, maybe, a monthly bout of extroversion, much like ovulation – twinges slightly but not as horrific as a period).

I don’t thrive off the input of others (whether it’s company, influences, social media etc) and I realise that if everything I churn out comes from me alone then it’s not sharing the lurve very much, or telling you about good things that I have come across on the rare occasion that I do put up my periscope.

So this week I thought I’d share my treasures that I’ve gathered from across the internet.

The Femcylopedia podcast

You probably already know I’m a bit of a history buff (unless being a buff actually requires you to have any modicum of skill or training in which case I’m just someone who likes it from afar) and in a case of biting my nose off to spite my face I didn’t follow any history accounts on Twitter or Instagram that reflected my interests – women’s history, working class history, Liverpool type stuff. I think deep down I thought if I read it then I might try and emulate it whenever I wrote anything historical so it would be better not to read it at all. Which is a bit silly.

So anyway I stumbled across the Femcyclopedia Podcast and immediately fell in love with it. It’s the first podcast I’ve listened to in a while, since All Killa No Filla and My Dad Wrote a Porno. It’s on the podcasts bit on iphones and also on Spotify so handy af to access it. I also wrote a bit more about it here so you can get more of a feel for it.

Vintage UK Catalogue Pages on Twitter

This twitter account is bringing back so many retro feels for me, especially at that time of year when I naturally go through all kind of emotions and cast my mind back over pointless old shit. I can actually remember some of these Christmas catalogues from Boots and Woolworths (and realise how lucky I was as a child to have received a good selection of the toys – my Barbie collection, Snugglebums, and who remembers My Pet Monsters?) and recognise lots of the stuff in ‘the Argos book’ from having spent so many hours pawing over it (why? I didn’t need a Pierre Cardin jewellery set or binoculars!?). See what you recognise with a walk down memory lane on twitter.

‘I Weigh’ on Instagram

Ugh, where do I begin? This is going to have to be a proper conversation for another time but for now, go and follow Jameela Jamil’s very important, positive messages on Instagram.

And last but not least, I feel it’s my duty to bring to your attention what’s probably the most important tweet you’ll see all week.

If you don’t know where Old Swan is or what ‘handies’ are then feel free to message me for a translation.

Until next time,


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