This Is The Week That Was #41

It was a busy weekend in The Werld’s Greatest City™️ this week but I wasn’t there to enjoy it. The Tall Ships were in town again (I missed them last time too) and I know Spaghetti Legs would have enjoyed seeing them. It’s been a while since we had a good hang out on the waterfront together. 

Photo credit: Colin Lane for the Echo

Anyway in my absence, the nice guys at Liverpool One didn’t forget me when they were having their #Liverpool2018 10th anniversary celebrations and sent me a goodie bag. I may not be a big name in blogging (which is probably – definitely, actually – a good thing) but the little perks never go amiss. Amongst loads of other lovely pressies, they sent me a selfie stick which basically means I shall finally be able to fit all of my massive space hopper face into one photograph now.

I couldn’t believe it was ten years since they opened the shopping area and I was reminded how much I buzzed off the new John Lewis opening. I love John Lewis and wanted to work there (in the office not the shop floor – c’mon, you know I hate people); I came second for a job that I really wanted and never forgave them. 

Such a lot has changed since then. I try not to look back too often at my past.  Amongst all the amazing and beautiful memories, it is also littered with regret and shame and sadness. The further away I get from past moments, the easier it is when I do cast my mind back. 

The future too seems a bit dark, and given my track record doesn’t promise to be full of great decisions and sensible lifestyle choices, so I tend to try and take each day at a time and see where things go. I think those mindfulness guys might really have nailed it.

So as the Tall Ships sail out of the Mersey again, so do I let those things that I missed, things that I regretted, things that felt bad sail off too. These feelings, after all, are just part of the ebb and flow of life. 

Until next time…


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