This Is The Week That Was #40

It’s not often that I get to say in one of my This is The Week That Was posts that I jetted off to Ibiza for a quick break, but I won’t lie, it feels pretty good to say it this week. It was a well earned break with perfect weather.

Unlike the first trip I took abroad without Spaghetti Legs, this time I wasn’t fraught with anxiety in the run up to the trip but after a couple of days I began to regret being in a sunny holiday spot without my happy four year old. The hotel was lovely (I’ll have to write a proper review of it) but, being suitable for families and right on the beach I did find myself on more than one occasion blinking back tears when I thought how much he’d enjoy it there.

However, mummy needs some mummy time sometimes and I also need to drink cocktails and smoke foreign things without having to be responsible and alert 24/7 so I don’t regret going. I just think it’s easier to [searches for a synonym for the word ‘forget’ so I don’t sound like a total shitbag] about him if it’s a city break or somewhere that’d he’d be completely disinterested in.

I remember before I had him, and was pregnant in The World’s Cringiest Facebook Group for expectant mums. I asked (I don’t know why) how long was it until those who already had children had comfortably been on holiday without their kids. Oonagh McSmugfanny from Belfast told me that when I had kids I’d understand that you never ever want to leave them and nothing is the same as before. True, nothing is the same as before. But it’s not true that I never ever want to leave him. I thought about her when I was on holiday, and wondered if she was right, and whether I was a shit parent. Then I remembered that my parents palmed me off on my Nana to go skiing when I was two, and it never did me any harm. Besides he was with his Daddy and absolutely had him off with trips to McDonalds and new toys every day so it was hardly child neglect. At the end of the day, if I had to go away for work (as many mums do – and dads and nobody casts aspersions on the dads’ absences) then it wouldn’t be an issues. So get fucked, Oonagh from five years ago.

Maybe I’ll take him with me next time. Maybe that next time will be when he’s old enough to get into Pacha.

Hasta next time


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