This Is The Week That Was #39

Whenever I write my This Is The Week That Was posts it is always in the hope that something out of the ordinary might have happened to me, but long term readers will know this is rarely the case! Usually the only variation on my routine is going somewhere different to eat; but I haven’t been anywhere of note since my visit to The Florist and that was hard to beat.

However, a nice little diversion from the day to day was this: I had an interesting conversation with a Researcher this week for a BBC production team. They are making a documentary about young people in Liverpool living with – or moving back home with – their parents.

I didn’t ask which aspect they felt I fell into: whether they thought I was young and dependent or old and harbouring clingy adult children. Neither applies to me but I didn’t much care; I had carte blanch to talk non stop, off on a tangent about history, immigration, the great famine in Ireland, Victorian housing, Hillsborough, the right to buy council homes, Thatcherism, student accommodation and planning permission, and the inherent sense of Scouseness that seems to set Liverpool apart from the rest of England. 

I won’t be in the documentary (which is set to air on BBC Three later this year) but I’ll keep an eye out for it and give it a watch. 

Until next time, Never Buy The S*n


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