Feel Good Friday: Cancer Research UK Flowers Online

It is a truth universally acknowledged that fresh flowers delivered to your door are guaranteed to lift your mood. It’s up there with red lippy, dancing like an idiot in your kitchen to 80s poodle rock, and cake. So when I had a delivery of Cancer Research UK flowers on a cold wet afternoon, I got double the feelgood factor: not only did they put a smile on my face and add a splash of colour to an otherwise grey day, but – the clue’s in the name – customers also help fund world class research into the causes and treatment of cancer.

The Cancer Research UK flowers come well packaged and totally secure. There were loads of blooms in my bouquet (mine was called ‘Luxury Delight’ by the way) and they’d all survived transit totally intact. The fact that our delivery also came with a soft teddy bear called Charlie, made my four year son’s day; it’s decent quality, and soft and cuddly enough to take to bed. But back to the flowers: a beautiful variety of roses, daisies, huge stargazer lilies – handtied and in their own vase. (I love a free vase, Mostly because about 85% of my vases at home originally came free with flower deliveries!)

Cancer Research UK Flowers tick all the boxes you’d expect from any online fresh flower retailer – Next day delivery, free delivery, loads of variety of seasonal flowers, a user friendly website and handy categories to choose from. There really is no catch. You spend the same that you’d spend via another website, except the money is put to good use.

I mostly send flowers for birthdays, new babies, and as congratulations – but there’s something especially touching about the donation to Cancer Research UK that makes me think that a regular Get Well Soon bouquet for someone going through treatment would be a lovely gift.

A whopping 25% of online orders goes to Cancer Research UK, so your feel good Friday gift will be doing lots of good work behind the scenes as well as bringing a smile to someone’s face.


NB: Cancer Research UK Flowers were sending bloggers bunches of flowers for feedback and review. Obviously I volunteered because I deserve pretty flowers but don’t have Elton John money.

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