This Is The Week That Was #38

Last week was a nice week. I attended the launch of The Florist in Liverpool. Absolutely gorgeous in there it is. All very instagrammable with posh cocktails and scenery. And more importantly for me personally: fab food and very good non-alcoholic alternatives.

I tend not to go to these things – launches and blogger events – even though there was a time about two years ago when I thought it was dead glam to be invited to them as though it would somehow validate me as a blogger. A lot has changed in those two years now and that longing was a flash in the pan. These days I am invited to these things, and invariably turn them down on account of it not fitting in with parenting or other time/distance constraints.

I am not the type of person to feel self conscious wherever I am, although there was lots of posing potential at the Florist and that’s perhaps not really my cup of botanical gin. I’m perhaps more of a dirty boozer and a belly laugh type of person, than fashionable bar with people talking about each other in hushed tones kind of person. And networking is so exhausting, mentally if not physically, so between you and me, it was nice to escape to the familiarity of my absolute fave, Crust on Bold Street for some cheap and cheerful pizza and not worry about accidentally photo bombing some fashion blogger’s carefully curated pouting selfie.

When all the bloggers have dispersed, you’ll find The Florist a very nice place to go with family and friends and taking your own pics without being immersed in a simmering cauldron of fake smiles and people pretending to be too cool to recognise each other.

Fortunately for me, the older I get, the less of a shit I give about these things. So I had a lovely time making new acquaintances, trying some of the nicest food and drink in the city, and chatting about everything from embarrassing blogger moments, our favourite places to eat and drink in Liverpool, holiday horror stories, and 9/11 conspiracies. In between all of that, there was some top notch people watching on the terrace overlooking Hardman Street, too.

It’s been a little while since I stopped taking my medication and things are just getting better and better for me. I’m less short tempered, the physical symptoms have ceased, and I had tonnes of really kind and supportive messages from people following my blog post about it. I always write this blog like nobody is going to read it, so whenever I get feedback it’s always such a genuine surprise. When the feedback is to say that people could relate to it, or that it was helpful, I’m always absolutely made up.

Until next time, I’ll be back to lunch boxes and washing undies this week.



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