This Is The Week That Was #36

I never really know how to start my little updates about the week that was. Do I just start with ‘I’ve been to XYZ this week’ or should I greet you somehow? Do I start it with ‘hi‘ or ‘dear reader’? It’s not a Judy Blume style diary but they are often my most personal posts and it’s a nice opportunity for me to chat to you; which, considering I can be quite a frosty bitch sometimes, is probably as intimate as it gets. I do like a little Jerry Springer sign off at the end, don’t I? But still not wholly convinced about greetings. Anyway er, hi.

Tell you what I am better at though, is talking about food. So this week was a good week cause I got a free scran at Yee Rah Wok & Grill which is always good news for me. Partly because I do love food, partly cause it makes me feel like a real blogger (I said what I said, let’s not pretend receiving an email asking you to eat food and talk about it doesn’t make you feel even slightly special) and because when you are a gig worker (freelance, project work, or one or more part time jobs – that kinda thing) then it actually really helps you to socialise. I don’t ever like talking about money, or finances, or income – I don’t ever really even talk about the kind of work that I do – it’s just the way that I’ve been brought up. But I might tell you another time about some of the behind the scenes bits of blogging – which if you are lucky enough to be a normal person then might make you glad you never took it up, and if you are or have been a blogger too then you can have a little nose and be safe in the knowledge that you’re not me.

From free food to free drink – I was hashtag blessed enough to be amongst family and friends invited to celebrate Scarlet Wonderland turning 30 this week. My favourite poison dwarf might not have grown much taller as she’s grown older but she’s certainly grown wiser, and very possibly more mellow. Although the jury’s out on that. She’s still funny as ever and if you haven’t read her blog posts then now’s a good time to check out her snazzy new look website and subscribe to her newsletter. I subscribed to it as my birthday present to her. I actually got her a present but had some Etsy related beef so it didn’t turn up in time so the newsletter subscription is legit all she got off me. I’ll report back next week on whether I’ve improved as a friend in the slightest.

So they are the best bits – even though when you’re a mother you’re probably meant to say that all the time you spent with your child during the Easter holiday was super special – but in fact our Easter holidays were only okay. We did a lot of Lego, a lot of visiting family, a lot of Easter egg consumption, and some traipsing round in the rain trying to get five minutes of fresh air here and there. Still, there’s worse crimes than letting your child get bored over the school holidays isn’t there? Way before Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, I didn’t have perfectly curated half term activities; I had four channels of shit TV, books, and my imagination – peppered with little jobs my mum would give me every day like dusting the skirting boards and polishing shoes (when I was 8 the jobs turned up a notch and I was on hoovering and cooking, with mowing the grass and cleaning the windows still to come – this is why I’m lazy now).

There was a half-arsed attempt to take Spaghetti Legs to the U-Boat Story in Birkenhead and the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight but he wasn’t really in the mood and would probably have rather been in a soft play centre. When we’re back in our term time routine, it’s my greatest wish that he and me can have some really fab Fridays together – his only day off nursery in the week – before I lose him to the next 12 years of full time education this September.

Until next time, I’m signing off x


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