This is the week that was #35

It’s mad how much chocolate everyone eats at Easter, isn’t it? Like, more than you’d eat in months, sometimes. On Easter Sunday the introduction of even the slightest amount of chocolate before midday sent my four year old into a parallel universe where all sense goes out the window and the only other foodstuffs he ate all day were two Yorkshire puddings.

When I was a kid at Easter time, I used to get three or four chocolate eggs – one from my mum and dad, one from the Easter bunny, and one from my Nana. Then I might get sent something from overseas if someone was away, or get one from my other relatives if we saw them, or else I’d just get pocket money instead. It’s funny that Easter is more important an occasion than Christmas – in terms of the Christian church, I mean – but nobody goes in for it that much. I quite like that in a way, even though I mark the religious aspect of Easter as well as the bank holiday, because who can be arsed with the stress of Christmas twice a year?

In the week before Easter I wasn’t feeling great because of some surprise Citalopram withdrawal symptom, and I couldn’t drive the car. I got off to an optimistic start on the Monday, walking Spaghetti Legs to nursery school and then going back for him later. But even though it’s not too far away, I had overestimated my fitness levels and basically knackered myself. He was really tired too after the long walks and a busy day, and so the next day we stayed at home and did crap Easter crafts together.

Doing Easter crafts with your kids is very Pinterest, very Instagram. I like seeing what other people have been up to, it reminds me to make time to do something similar (it’s not that I’m not creative you see, I’m just lazy), and as long as it’s not too far fetched or ambitious then it can be useful inspiration for things we can try at home too. Usually though, we just stick to making Easter cards to send to relatives, and that’s what we did this year.

Then the next day, when we had another sneaky day off, we painted some polystyrene eggs that I’d bought from Home & Bargain last year. They were a bit rubbish. But it was something we did together which wasn’t Lego, so it made a nice change.

Part of me wanted to put them on Instagram to show how real life rubbish we are, but a bit like carving pumpkins and decorating Christmas trees, I think sometimes social media can get saturated with these things and it can come across a bit like keeping up with the Joneses. I’d feel really sad if I ever made anyone feel like they should be doing what I’m doing or they ought to have what I have. I’m pretty confident I don’t. That’s not the purpose of my blog; I’m not a brand, I’m just somebody who talks about herself cause I’ve run out of people in real life to tell.

Until next time, enjoy finishing off your Easter eggs.


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