Feel Good Friday: Whitechapel x Liverpool Cathedral Family Sleepout

Liverpool’s leading homelessness charity Whitechapel (one of my favourite charities and one which I try and support whenever I can) are hosting another of their great fundraising events during the Easter holidays. The Whitechapel x Liverpool Cathedral family sleepout takes place on Friday 6th April in one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The sponsored event is a chance to raise money to help Whitechapel do what they do best – providing shelter and support for the homeless of Liverpool – and also an opportunity to broach the sensitive topic of homelessness with kids in a safe and fun environment.

Taking part in the Sleepout is a lot of fun! There are games, stories, as well as building cardboard shelters. All you need to do is make sure you’ve packed everything you need to have a great evening and a good night’s sleep!

The Anglican Cathedral is a beautiful space, playing host to cultural and musical events like Cream Classical as well as worship, and a perfect setting for some Friday night family fundraising.

As well as sleeping bags, I’ve been thinking of essentials to pack – and so far for adults I think the most important thing you can pack is earplugs!

For kids, you’ll need:

  • Comfy snuggly nightwear (this is where those Christmas onesies get another outing)
  • Snacks (there’s a coffee shop open until late so you needn’t go hungry) including something easy like cereal bars for the morning – if you make it that far!
  • A million baby wipes (I don’t know what for but you’ll need them somehow – you know you will)
  • Thermos flasks, ready made infant milk or anything that can be drunk without getting out of your sleeping bag. Maybe not hip flasks full of sneaky gin or wine bags hidden under your PJs
  • Slippers or easy-to-put-on shoes for night time toilet trips
  • And last but not least, your favourite teddy bear to make you feel at home in exciting new surroundings!

Find out more about what to expect on the night, and how to register here:


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