This is The Week That Was #33

It’s been a while.

I mentioned in my last This Is The Week what happened to my phone to result in my enforced break, and I just got the news this week from the data recovery lab that everything on it is irretrievable.

Thousands of family photos. None backed up. Please please don’t be the idiot that I am.

Still, onwards and upwards. I’ve got a new phone and am just going to make some more memories. I’ve been asking people to send me any photos that I’d sent to them from my phone, been checking sent emails, and seeing what pictures family members have taken. Never any of me and my son though. It’s like I don’t exist.

In the meantime I can’t get into my personal Instagram account because the security code is being sent to my old phone number, and I don’t have access the ‘back up’ codes anymore because – you guessed it – they were stored in my phone.

I have to admit I find the way we live, dependent on technology day and night, really demanding. I mean I don’t want to live in a cave with no home comforts but I find the constant stream of passwords and need to be vigilant of cyber security really fucking exhausting.

Even during my enforced absence I wasn’t a total Luddite; I had the iPad and laptop to connect to the outside world. I absolutely hammered the iPad this past month, spending hours doing family history. It’s almost as if I’d had enough of modern living and made a subconscious decision to submerge myself in all things Victorian. But more about that another time…

For now, at any rate, I’m back. B-A-C-K. Back.

Til next time: make sure you Bacdafucup as Onyx (great bunch of lads) would say.

B x



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