VR Here: Trying Virtual Reality in Liverpool

I’m always on the look out for things to do that don’t involve extreme sports or getting extremely drunk, or a mixture of the two. I’m not the athletic type and I’m not a big drinker, so I love trying out anything a bit different for a day or night out. Mostly this just involves eating but I’m also a big fan of escape room games, daytime raves, and new takes on old classics like Ghetto Golf and Bongo’s Bingo (who am I kidding – I like old fashioned bingo too). So I was really excited – and a bit nervous – when I heard that the new virtual reality experience VR Here had opened in Liverpool and they were going to let little old me have a bash at it.


VR Here is based in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool, a stone’s throw away from the Waterfront. It’s easy to drive to and has parking right outside. The area is going to be really regenerated in the not so distant future so take advantage of the free parking while you can!


Perfect for straight after work, before going for a meal or drinks, or as an alternative to a night out in town, VR Here is an evening and weekend, appointment-only, activity. Check out their website for available slots.


The VR experiences costs £30 per person and you’d be surprised how much action you can fit into that hour. They do some free taster sessions on a Sunday if you’re really unsure whether to commit to a full hour or not, which might come in handy if eg you’re a parent about to fork out for a group of kids for a birthday party etc, and want to check it out first.


You name it, they’ve got it. If you want to be frightened out of your wits (no, ta!) they’ve got creepy haunted houses and zombie games. If you want a virtual underwater experience where you are surrounded by gently waving coral and colourful sealife (or, if you’re me, scream and close your eyes at the first sight of a whale) then they’ve got that too. If you want to be Spider-Man shooting your webs and swinging from buildings, then it’s there.

My personal favourites included two player games where I got to shoot a bow and arrows (badly) in some sort of Zelda-like fantasy game, and another one where you have to shoot at robots (cue more whale related screaming from me) with about as much success as you can imagine from someone as cack-handed and badly co-ordinated as I am. My least favourite – and by least favourite I simply mean the one that made me sweat the most – was a flying experience which did absolutely nothing for my fear of heights and absolutely everything for my cortisol levels.

Perfect For

Couples, mate dates, works outings for small teams, parents and teenagers, taking your older kids (maximum four people – 1 x person per VR station), and dare I say it (yes, I dare) actually just going along to check it out on your own because you don’t need mates in a virtual world.


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