This Is The Week That Was #30

There’s a drum I like to bang at Christmastime every year which is that Christmas starts on 25th and lasts until the epiphany. That’s when the 12 days of Christmas are. Not from the bloody 13th of December.

Every year I get pissed off that everyone peaks too soon and is all tinselled out before new year. Wanna know what it grieves me so? Because my birthday is just before the epiphany and as any early January baby will attest, this is when everyone’s too hungover and skint to celebrate your one single fucking special day of the year.

As you get older, and friends go separate ways, get married, have kids, get fancy jobs on the other side of the world, die, go into rehab and so on, you tend to find fewer people who genuinely give a shit that it’s your birthday.

So when my birthday rolled around this year (no, not a big one before you ask – piss off) and it turned out to be less eventful that I might’ve liked, I counted my blessings for it being uneventful in the right way. All part of trying to go with the flow and being more positive.

Now it’s all about looking forward to the coming year and I’ve already started making some plans for things to do. It’s my last year with a pre-schooler, until September anyway, and I’m upset about it already. At the moment he goes to nursery Monday to Thursday and I keep saying that on a Friday I’m going to do much more with him, but I never do!

I’ve got a car now (I don’t know if you recall the delightful episode I had in the summer when my old car broke down and I stormed off in a huff and walked home, leaving it to rot for three months outside someone’s house – soz about that by the way no.19) and even though the tyre burst on the new car just before my birthday (so it wasn’t entirely uneventful), I’m going to dream up some little adventures we can go on. Do some stuff together just me and him, because the time goes so quickly and you miss it don’t you?

I’ve also got some bits of work to do which I’m looking forward to; I’ve got to start thinking about my own future and everything too.

In the meantime: let the road trips commence.

“We’re on a Quest for Fun”

Until next time, my little snowdrops

B x


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