Afternoon Tea at Malmaison Liverpool

I know how to enjoy myself. It might not be everyone else’s idea of enjoying themselves but it suits me. Forget dancing til dawn and waking up with a hangover; nothing floats my boat more than teeny tiny sandwiches, cute cakes, and a nice cup of tea. So where better to spend a blustery wintry Sunday than enjoying Afternoon Tea at Malmaison Liverpool.

If you haven’t visited Liverpool then you’ll find Malmaison in a great location near the famous Pier Head and overlooking the River Mersey. It’s a modern building, with a cosy setting for food and drink, and it’s well worth booking in advance for Afternoon Tea because the Brasserie is so popular.

We chose the Prosecco Afternoon Tea because I fancied some fizz but also… (whispers it) I’m not much of a drinker so didn’t think it wasn’t worth having the Champagne option. To be honest though, there isn’t much in it price wise so you might as well splash out especially if it’s a special occasion. Anyway, I was very much there for the tea, and I haven’t had a nicer cup in ages (especially after a windy walk along the waterfront). I never drink Earl Grey at home and prefer to save it for whenever I get the chance to go for Afternoon Tea.

The food was fresh and tasty – no day old Costco jobs here – and the variation on my favourite teeny tiny sandwiches passed muster with me; goat’s cheese in beetroot tinted wraps and melt in the mouth burgers making a really nice change. The traditional scones – the staple of the perfect Afternoon Tea – with jam and gloopy clotted cream sat nicely alongside the modern additions of the the fruity shake, and the other sweet offerings were nicely presented on a tiered tray that didn’t take up too much room on a table for two (take note, other tearooms!).

Yes, there’s lots of places to get a decent Afternoon Tea for around the same price in any city, but what set Malmaison apart on my visit was the professional and attentive service (which is friendly at the same time – something which Liverpool has got in spades) the kind that would bring tears to your eyes after a long day if you are due on and just can’t believe that someone is being so nice to you when they really don’t have to be.

And, of course, the lovely atmosphere. I always make a mental note of who else is there, for research purposes of course, and also because I am a busybody who buzzes off seeing other people enjoying themselves (you should see me in a restaurant if there’s a baby nearby – I don’t let anyone get any peace). On a winter afternoon, the Brasserie was packed with couples of all ages, families celebrating a Nan’s special birthday (looking good, queen), sophisticated Scandinavians in their 40s visiting Liverpool for the footy and the Beatles, new parents with a snoozy infant in its carsear, a dozen nurses with pristine blow dries and sequinned tops, and me – the self appointed queen of carbs and all round gannet.

Book Afternoon Tea at Malmaison Liverpool for Valentine’s Day, a half term treat, Mother’s Day, or just because you love teeny tiny sandwiches in cosy places.

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