5 Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

One of the downsides of being born a woman – aside from, y’know, the gender pay gap and not being able to wee standing up with any degree of success or convenience – is that if you should develop a problematic double chin that it’s nigh on impossible to disguise it simply by growing a beard. You can disguise it to a certain extent; a cleverly cut bob, jaw and throat contouring (yes it’s a thing, and I’m absolutely appalling at it), clever dressing and accessorising that suggest a wottle-free appearance (this is why I love winter – because it’s Scarf Season). But ultimately, if you’ve got a truly flabby neck then no amount of trickery is going to work. What you really need, is to make it disappear for good. And I should know – I’m the proud owner of a rather pelican-esque throat area myself. So who better to explore 5 Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin than little old me?

Cosmetic Surgery

Without a doubt cosmetic surgery yields massive results for anyone wanting to get rid of their double chin. I’ve seen excellent jobs where surgeons have gone in through small incisions just in front of the ears leaving no noticeable scarring. For anyone with a slight jawline, the addition of a chin implant can offer a little extra oomph for the flesh to stretch over. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

On the downside, there’s cost, recovery time, bruising, and the risk of complications. Not a decision to be made lightly, as all results are permanent – or at least would require further surgery to fix if you’re unhappy.

KORE HIFU Double Chin Treatment

The sought after pain free alternative to going under the surgeon’s knife is to go under the flashing wand of the fat busting fairy. I went to Nirvana Aesthetics who are the experts at the KORE HIFU double chin treatment which uses a device similar to an ultrasound handset to blitz the fat. In fact, that’s what it stands for: High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound. No needles, no recovery time, no pain (a little tingly prickle a couple of times but that’s it), and no complications. Check out their prices and offers online using the handy Treatwell site HERE

Chin Up Mask

Remember when waist trainers were all the rage? Well, an absolute genius devised one that goes round your head to ‘train’ your double chin. The idea is you fasten it securely round your head with Velcro, holding a disposable cloth ‘mask’ in place over your double chin. Downsides include the price for the mask refills (I’m also not convinced they do anything), I’d rate it as slightly more uncomfy than wearing a bobble too tight, and also makes you look like a pug while you’re wearing it. I think an improvement on the design would be redistributing the pressure across the top of the head, but I think the premise of pulling in your chin is a good one.

Exercises and Weight Loss

Losing weight is a sure fire way to reduce your double chin. I know from experience that a high calorie intake with not enough cardio is gonna leave you rocking a fleshy beard of fat that’s a bugger to get rid of. Losing it too quickly though can leave sagging skin, especially if age has reduced your skin’s elasticity or if like me you’ve got a recessive jawline and just look like a happy pig all the time.

To work on a good muscle foundation under your skin, try exercising the muscles beneath your chin with a good all round face routine like this one from Yvadney at Mums That Slay.

Magic Creams

It’s important to remember that whatever we apply topically to our skin will only ever go so deep. Nothing on the market can eliminate the fat under our skin. But, we can at least work on the condition of the skin on the surface, hopefully helping it to shrink back into place after you’ve tackled the fat issue by other means. And your skin can do that; it’s an amazing organ which, if you’re in decent health and are not too far along in the ageing process, will slowly readjust itself. In the meantime, products containing Collagen or Retinol can help the appearance but creams which claim to firm or tighten can only ever really be temporary.

Scarf Season is coming to an end, so which of these 5 Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin will you choose? Whatever option you go for – good luck. And if all else fails, I’ll be offering throat contouring tutorials on YouTube any day now.


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