30 Day Mini Energy Boost Programme from Nutri Advanced

I trialled the new 30 Day Mini Energy Boost Programme from Nutri Advanced because some days (read: a lot of days. OK, every day) the effort of putting my socks on makes me what to take an immediate nap. Here’s what it’s all about and how it went down…

God Loves a Trier

As part of my Glow Up I knew that the main issue I’ve got when trying to improve my overall health is addressing my really rubbish energy levels. I need to move more, but it’s a vicious circle when you’ve got no energy. I’d read a few articles previously about magnesium in your diet, and having previously struggled with iron deficiency anaemia (especially during and after pregnancy) so I knew that I had to think about what I’m putting into my body in order to have the get up and go to literally get up and go.

When Nutri Advanced (who’ve been going for over thirty years) were looking for people to trial their programme, I jumped at the chance because this is what I’d been waiting for: a magic potion to make me less ‘bleh’.

They very kindly sent me a whole heap of stuff alongside the core components to the programme: the MegaMag powder supplements, instructions, and recipes.

Food Intake

I got off to a good start on the programme apart from maybe all those Jelly Babies I scoffed within the first hour. Sugar gives you an instant hit followed by a slump, so that’s not gonna help me long term. I don’t even like Jelly Babies but there’s something about the prospect of being healthy that makes me panic eat.

I was sent a food diary which even on its own is enough to make me evaluate my food intake and the amount of saturated fats, sugar and large portions I routinely consume (i.e. a lot!) and probably the scrutiny and subsequent subconscious decision-making would help my energy levels.

As well as the food diary, the programme included recipes that are ideal for boosting your energy. My favourite was the granola – with organic peanut butter, rolled oats, a bit of honey, and coconut oil – which lasted ages in a Tupperware and made a real difference to my breakfast routine (in that I went from having no breaky at all to having something healthy with natural yoghurt and sliced banana).

Mega Mag Supplement

The MegaMag supplement is a magnesium rich powder which comes in Orange or Raspberry flavours. The first time I tried it I mixed some of the orange flavour with grapefruit juice but didn’t enjoy it, so I added water and that wasn’t much better because once diluted it just seemed to last forever! After a few days I hit on the idea of mixing it with a smoothie and killed two birds with one stone. I still found the flavours quite sweet so from the second week onwards I added more savoury smoothie ingredients like more spinach, carrot, and courgette.

Who’s It Good For?

The 30 Day Mini Energy Boost Programme is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their energy levels naturally without relying on caffeine or sugary drinks, and for anyone like me who’s in a cycle of not being able to exercise because they haven’t got the energy to start with.

More Information

Check out Nutri Advanced online and order the MegaMag products here.

NB: I received the 30 Day Mini Energy Boost Programme kit in exchange for writing about my experiences. I volunteered because I am knackered all the time and desperately wanted to try it. They sent me loads of free stuff and it was great. But, I still wrote the truth.

Btw, if you ever have any concerns related to your health or diet, don’t be a divvy – go and see your GP.

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