Men’s Grooming Gifts You Need To Buy

If the men in your life are set to be on the receiving end of yet another Boots 3 for 2 gift set this Christmas then maybe it’s time you surprised them with a twist on a classic, for both your sakes. I’ve been doing my homework on some exclusive brands that you might not have heard of before, to bring you a rundown of Men’s Grooming Gifts you need to buy.

Men-U Hair & Grooming Products

Men-U offer high performance ultra concentrate products and say that “a little goes a long way” but you’ll still want to use it up faster than that Top Gear hair and body wash your Nan got you from Aldi last year that you avoid like the plague but haven’t got round to binning.

Best buys from the collection include the Men-U Shave Facial Trio: Shaving crème, face wash, and an ultra concentrated facial moisturiser – a stylishly packaged trio of products for the perfect wet shave at home; and the Men-U Shower Gel Duo: with delicious natural scents like Black Pepper & Bergamot and Citrus & Mint – luxurious upgrades from Original Source or some of the rubbish giftsets you pick up as an afterthought on the way to the till in Tesco. They also do a range of mini shower gels – perfect for gym bags, holidays, and as stocking fillers.

Less is More Hair Root Serum

Let’s not be coy here, nobody whether male or female, looks forward to the prospect of thinning on top. It’s depressing, and can understandably affect your self esteem and confidence. So whether it’s for yourself or someone you care about, make waging war on your follicles a little more enjoyable with the Phytonutrient Hairroot Serum from Less is More by Brandhuber + Trummer.

Chuck in some homemade vouchers for an Indian Head Massage too for a full scalp pamper.

Pure Potions Skincare

Purepotions create natural, unscented skincare products in gender neutral packaging so it’s perfect for anyone in the family.

When I tested out some of their Skin Salvation range I was absolutely chuffed to bits to find out what a great effect it had on relatives with eczema on their faces – almost instant (within a few hours) relief even in sensitive areas around the eyes. The Daily Moisturising Cream is ideal for anyone with (or without!) similar skin conditions.

My top picks for men are the Skin Salvation Intensive Lip Balm – an unfragranced beeswax balm with olive and hemp – for anyone who works outside, gets the bus to work or college, or who does a lot of outdoor sport (yes, going the match counts – how can you be expected to scream for a penalty with chapped lips?) and the Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment – an all-round miracle worker which can used as a post shave balm, a hand salve for gardeners, manual workers, climbers or sporty types, and even as tattoo aftercare.

Olverum Bath Oil

One of my personal favourites and another unisex aroma – once you get into a warm bath with just a little glug of this in you won’t want to leave your house ever again, or at least until January. It’s the ultimate bath time pamper product – forget your bath bombs, this is for real grown ups. Read about its history (and order some, if you fancy it) here.

I loved Olverum so much after trying it out for my earlier feature Thinking Outside the Socks: Gifts for Men from £1 to £100 that I put it on my own Christmas list!

So do everyone a favour this Christmas and invest in some men’s grooming gifts that’ll put a smile – and maybe even a glow – on his gob.


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