Drinks by the Dram: The Whisky Advent Calendar

I’ve found the answer to your boozy Christmas wishes. Well, to be precise, I found it last year when I made myself incredibly popular with all the Whisky fans in the family but neglected to get my only child his own Advent calendar. It’s The Whisky Advent Calendar by purveyors of all kinds of dinky spirits Drinks by the Dram.

It’s the perfect gift for either yourself (the best kind of gifts) or to give to someone in the run up to Christmas. It’s a hit with Grandads (and Nans!), Dads (and Mums!), foodies, and anyone who enjoys a little bit of warming winter luxury in a glass. It went down so well last year that I even featured it in my gift guide Thinking Outside The Socks: Gifts for Men from £1 to £100

The variety of tipples in the Whisky Advent Calendar makes it suitable for connoisseurs or for anyone who’d just like to try different whiskies – and as the wax-sealed drams include whisky that sells for over a £100 a pop, this works out as a clever and fun way to taste premium single malts and posh blends without committing to a full size bottle.

Each day of the Advent Calendar is a surprise, with whiskies from Scotland to Japan, and half the fun is googling them to find out more about them (and how much they sell for!). The generous drams are enough to wet your whistle and keep it enjoyable, and you’ll be racking your brains for creative ways to upcycle the lovely little bottles they come in.

They are available to buy through online retailer Master of Malt or Amazon and it’s worth having a mooch through their whole range: they do some lovely tasting sets which would make a nice gift and I’ve just ordered some Christmas crackers with a single dram of 21 year old Glenfiddich Gran Reserva inside as Christmas presents.

They don’t just do Whisky either – they do these ranges in gin, bourbon, vodka, brandy, tequila, and much more too – so you can choose another favourite boozy dram to suit.

With a Whisky Advent sorted, all’s that’s left now it so make sure I don’t forget my only child’s Advent calendar again this year. He’ll have to wait another 15 years until he’s allowed the hard stuff, so a chocolate Gruffalo one will have to do him for now!

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