This Is The Week That Was: Falling Over

Turns out, you’re never too old for falling over. Just when I was getting into the swing of actually publishing my Week That Was posts, I’ve messed up again! They say it takes three weeks to forge a habit or ditch a habit. But developing useful or healthy habits has never been my strong suit anyway; thus my Glow Up is going round in circles in some respects.

Hello Fall

At the very beginning of the week I had a fall.

Moment of silence please though for the threshold through which I’ve clearly passed from ‘falling over’ to ‘having a fall’. The terminology changes with age, doesn’t it? Falling over is for kids in the playground, and having a fall is for people whose hips are always a worry.

Not only is falling over embarrassing, painful, and on a damp October Sunday also very messy, but it conjured up other feelings for me too. I’m only half joking about the ‘having a fall’ description – it made me feel so old and frail and helpless.

When it happened, I wanted to cry, but couldn’t. I’d been giving my son a piggy back across a rocky wet car park when my ankle buckled beneath me. I couldn’t break my own fall because obviously your instinct is to hold onto your child and as well as the twisted ankle I had two bashed in knees and a very grazed arm. He was completely unhurt, otherwise I wouldn’t be going on about myself, by the way!

Loads of people came to help us and were so kind. They tried to comfort him but he was clearly so stunned by it that he wouldn’t speak and just wanted to bury his head in my coat.

I knew that he was more shaken than me by it, so in a get back on the horse moment I put him back on my back and carried him round for another hour. I didn’t realise until later on that the adrenaline or whatever was masking how hurt I was, and lugging a big lump round was actually making things worse.

The reason why I’m telling you this is the toll it took on me this week. Unable to put weight on my ankle, I relied on lifts to and from nursery, and a week later the swelling has gone down and the grazes have healed but I’m still bruised and a bit slow.

The Best Bits

It’s only fair after a such a wound-licking that I refocus on the positives, so here they are:

  • I got my eyelashes done and no longer look like a naked mole rat.
  • I had an unexpected coffee date with my sister.
  • My blog site got its own Glow Up courtesy of the good people (read: patient miracle workers) at Pipdig so make sure you have a squizz and see what you think.

What I’ve Been Writing

Oh My Gob: Teeth Whitening & Fresh Breath – all part of my Glow Up starting with a little mouth makeover with some high street quick wins.

5 Best Buys for Bearded Beauties – I found some top grooming products for hairy faces; perfect Christmas gift inspo!

Until next time, mind how you go.




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