Family Food at Bill’s

It’s not often we make it out for a family meal. There’s plenty of occasions it’s just me and little Spaghetti Legs, or a big meal at home with all the family, but rarely manage to combine the two. We remedied this at the weekend when we were asked to try out the new kids menu at Bill’s, where we headed for an early tea during a busy weekend of food, family, and fun.

Bill’s Restaurants

I like Bill’s. There seems to be loads of their restaurants across the south of England and fewer and further between the further north you get (Glasgow blazing a trail on its own on Scotland – cmon the Scots!). I’ve had nice lunches and evening meals in Liverpool, Birmingham and Leamington Spa branches (the latter the destination this weekend) but visited one on ‘Mum duty’ since the days of bibs and purees.

Kids Menu

Now was a chance to test Little Lord Fusspot’s palate in an unfamiliar environment: regular readers will know that I’m really struggling with his fussy eating and have resorted to concentrating on proteins and carbs (usually chicken or meat with rice, noodles, or pasta) and am leaving the veg for another time. Fortunately he’s a big fan of fruit so at least I know he’s getting some Vitamin C etc in his diet.

The kids menu at Bill’s has got some children’s favourites on there – cod fish fingers, ham and cheese toastie, mini burgers or macaroni cheese – but what jumped out at me was the steak and chips: how often do you see that on a kids menu!?

When it arrived, with garden peas and delicious fries – and after the starter of simple tasty tortilla chips with crudités and hummus – it was nearly an adult sized portion! It was a lean and tender minute steak, grilled to perfection with just the right flavour for a kid, and was easy to cut up. Feeling proud and grown up, he polished off the whole thing, plus half of his fries (but swerved the peas – ‘no gods, no masters’, this one). It was a hit.

Adult Options

Meanwhile the adults were kept satisfied with with not-terribly-much-bigger-but-full-sized minute steaks, burgers, bottled beers, seafood starters and a variety of sides – not to mention the veggie options available (ginger & sesame cauliflower steak and BNS stew are on the menu amongst the fish and meat dishes and the assorted burgers).


The kids menu is £6.95 which gets you three courses as well as a drink. With all the savoury stuff figuratively and literally under his belt, Spaghetti Legs made full use of his ‘dessert stomach’ and found room to tackle the ice cream sundae with chocolate brownie pieces and salted caramel sauce, which was small but sweet – just like him (I’m kidding – he’s a menace). Other options included banana and strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce which I think is a nice, slightly healthier, alternative to the usual favourites.

Bill’s Leamington Spa

The staff were amazing (thanks Ana!) and the loveliest outside Liverpool in a very long time (we are biased, I admit!). The decor and ambience was nice, the loos were clean (that’s what we all really want to know about restaurants isn’t it?) and if you get a window seat there’s some fab people-watching to be had in the regency spa town of Leamington.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram or book your table via the Bill’s website. They also do fab breakfasts too if the little one in your life is more of a morning person.



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