I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly: Lush Face Masks

I’ve got a confession to make: I’d never been in to Lush Cosmetics until recently, when the fresh Lush face masks won me over.

Actually that’s not strictly true; I went in the Birmingham branch about ten years ago on my way to a meeting but never bought anything.

Anyway in pursuit of my ‘Glow Up’ I finally popped my cherry at the Liverpool store and if it wasn’t for closing time I reckon I could’ve spent ages in there. The staff were fab and helped me choose something suitable for my skin.

I invested in one of the hits of 2017: their ‘Just To Clarify’ jelly face mask which Lush describe as a “fruitful jelly with a slight scrub for those who like it just a bit rough” – perfect!

The mask is wibbly-wobbly and smells really fresh and exotic –  fresh papaya, orange and grapefruit – and it also contains bamboo stem to polish your skin. It leaves a lovely non-drying finish and makes a refreshing regular treat.

I loved this gloopy face mask so much that I’m now I’m a convert and need your help in what to try next. Basically, my whole body needs refreshing, nourishment, and generally ‘glowing up’. What are your favourite Lush products?

And this is why I’m not a vlogger



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