This Is The Week That Was: What I’m Blogging About Lately

Thought I’d surprise you with actually following up last week’s Week That Was with another one actually one week later! At least I think it is; who’s really counting? I’m certainly not. No, don’t check the dates; it’s probably a fortnight but let’s pretend I’m on time for once. Let’s just have a little catch up regardless, and I’ll get you up to speed with what I’m blogging about atm.

Me, a successful blogger, blogging about me, the successful blogger 

I haven’t been doing a great deal of writing since last week although I’ve got some ideas for some guest blogs I’d like to do – and might even see if anyone would like to do one on mine. I guess it’s the blogging equivalent of a play date – something else which I’m immediately resistant to because of my aversion to people and my poor timekeeping.

It’s nearly two years since I started the blog and I’m enjoying it more than ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had empty water bottles knocking round my car longer than that, but there have been points where I was thinking of packing it in, so it’s nice to realise I’m capable of sticking to some things.

I’ve got some other projects in the pipeline too. Nothing major; you won’t be seeing me on telly or moving to Alderley Edge just yet. Just stuff that I’m interested in. And after all – that’s what a blog should be about right? Stuff that you’re passionate about – or if not passionate as such, at least not fake about.

Talking of fake (kind of, I mean not really I suppose – just desperately hoping I could knit this together seamlessly without thinking of a catchy subtitle cause it’s 4pm which is without fail my sleepiest time of every day) I wrote last week about my impending ‘Glow Up’.

I guess I kinda hoped that after committing it to black and white, that I’d feel a real sense of satisfaction and improvement overnight. That hasn’t happened. But I’m one of life’s impatient types. Not in a good way either; not one of these people who are impatient but also really committed, determined, and ambitious. No, I’m the disastrous combination of impatient and lazy. So I tell everyone I’m going to do X,Y, and Z and expect it all to happen without minimum effort very quickly. It’s a trait in myself that I absolutely loathe, and which is very hard to shake off – because I’m impatient and lazy!

Anyway I shall plough on, slowly but surely, because if I don’t I’ll slowly lose sight of who I am both emotionally and physically. I’ve already changed so much in my adult years that it can be quite disconcerting and almost an out of body experience to see yourself going down a path you wouldn’t have had pegged out for yourself.

Coming up in the next few weeks then, I’m going to be wittering on about stuff I’ve tried out which you should either buy or not buy, stuff I’ve been doing which you should either try or not try, and if I do any guest blogs I’ll let you know.

Until next week…

B x

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