This Is The Week That Was: Good Times for a Change

Good times for a change from me, you’ll be glad to hear. Finding the worst in everything doesn’t half get old.

The Summer Holidays came to an end for us this morning and I was going to tell you all about Spaghetti Legs’ return to nursery but actually….. who’s arsed? Suffice to say he was fine about going back and they did a cute little phased return where all the kids go in for a short day with a packed lunch. So that’s that sorted.

Before that, I had some wonderful news. I hadn’t mentioned it on here before but a few months ago I developed a lump in my collarbone area and I went to the doctors anyway to get it checked out.

Now I’m not saying that locum doctors aren’t any good (I had a fab long term locum doctor once who I wish to God had stayed at our surgery, she gave me some wonderful life changing advice and I was going to say I’ll never forget her but I’ve already forgotten her name – but she was great, anyway) but this locum doctor that I went to see basically fobbed me off.

A few more months went by and the lump was growing blah blah blah and this time and was sent straight to hospital for tests. I waited over the bank holiday for the results and got the reassuring news that I didn’t have cancer of the lymph nodes.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to be tested for this kind of thing; I’ve been investigated for various and now this. And let me tell you – this doesn’t bode well with anxiety! Convinced it was only a matter of time til I got bad news, I was bracing myself to have run out of luck playing cancer roulette and that it was my turn this time round.

You know when people say “try not to worry”? It’s impossible not to. I did manage not to google it though, knowing how much I’d freak myself out if I knew what potentially lay ahead.

I cried I was so relieved. I cried because I was happy and I cried because I felt guilty; how come I get a pass when others don’t? I cried because I felt like I didn’t deserve it – especially all those times I’ve had some really shitty dark thoughts – and yet I get another shot at life. But my son deserves it. All kids deserve to have their parents.

So after the crying I felt really peaceful, really kinda content, really hashtag blessed. I mean it helped that I had a nap to celebrate. But I’ve managed – by and large – to stay in a good mood since then. I feel a bit differently about stuff; I’m no longer arsed about people who’ve pissed me off, or been stupid or rude, or even about the fact that there was noticeably fewer people who I confided in this time about the tests or results. As they say – if you keep more friends than you can count on one hand, count again because you keep too many..

I’ve still no idea what this lump in my neck is, like. Probably melted cheese, knowing me. But still, good times for a change.

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The Best Bits

Saw this on someone else’s blog (who I’d normally link you to but their’s is a very special and personal blog that I think they write for therapeutic reasons and I don’t think the traffic would be needed or perhaps wanted) and immediately knew I wanted to introduce it to my This Is The Week That Was posts. I guess it’s a bit like those gratitude journals that are doing the rounds at the moment. Except this is me, and I cringe at things like that.

Went to Tainted Love, the 80s night at Camp and Furnace and had an absolute ball. I wore a really comfy jersey jumpsuit which I’ve now worn like the last three times I’ve been out and don’t give one shiny shit about because it made me feel good and so did the company – I could be dressed like I’m putting the bins out and wouldn’t care as long as I’m with the right people. And I was with the right people. And I didn’t take my phone. Cause not everything needs to be chucked on Snapchat to show you had a good time.

Oh and the tunes. The DJ was a belter. All killers no fillers. I think I need a few more Cod Liver Oil capsules before I attempt any more ‘leg guitar’ to Huey Lewis & The News but I don’t regret any of the aches and pains that followed.


Until next time, wishing you all good health

B x

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