This Is The Week That Was: Feeling overwhelmed

I keep saying that I should really change these to monthly updates, but in reality I’d probably only remember the last week of each month anyway; I’ve got a memory like a sieve, and this very often leads me to feeling overwhelmed – even with every day things.

How I ever used to handle complex and urgent workloads I’ll never know. These days I find myself re-washing the same load of laundry for days on end because I just haven’t got round to hanging it out on time.

That said, I’m going to try to get in less of a flap over these things and try to just roll with it. The washing itself doesn’t care whether I wash it three or four times and – costs aside – it’s only me who actually cares whether the washing is ever done and put away promptly. There’s truly more important things in life and it’s defo not worth beating myself up over.

It’s proving quite hard work but I’m training myself to replace this kind of anxious and overly critical thinking with a more relaxed outlook and positive thinking. Yeah, I might feel flustered at the moment, or double-booked an appointment, or forgot to reply to an email – but I live in a safe part of the world, there’s food in the fridge, and I’ve got my comfy knickers on.

The Best Bits

Carrying on from last week, when I introduced the ‘Best Bits’, I’ve been reminding myself of how much fun I had on a day out in Southport sans kids recently, when I didn’t get my phone out of my bag all day and we got lost in time, sea air, and trashy arcades. It was the perfect antidote for feeling overwhelmed and beating myself up all the time.

I’ve got this thing for British seaside towns, and as glorious and gastrocentric as Padstow and Cornish coastal destinations may be, it’s the piers, promenades, and candy floss of former Victorian resorts that does it for me.

I might blanch at the shouty parents in vest tops and bulldog tattooes feeding their kids Fanta for breakfast but in reality I’ll happily part with £30 on ice cream and greasy chips, and handle the 2p machine in Funland will all the skill and deftness of an RAF jet fighter.

I haven’t mentioned one of my very first posts about ‘Restoring Your Life Balance’ in quite some time – but our trip to Southport certainly ticked the Fun and Energising boxes and did me the world of good. Sometimes, if you get chance, you just need to grab your mates and go and be a kid for a while, without having to wipe noses, schedule toilet trips, or have to do bedtime duties afterwards.

What I’ve Been Writing

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This coming week I’m going to be blogging about my ‘Glow Up’ (trust me – it’s a lot more stripped back and basic than it sounds) and some homewares and skincare stuff that I keep meaning to share.

Until next week/month,



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