BRYT Skincare, Helen Mirren, and Ditching the ‘Anti Ageing’ Label

A few weeks ago, I got talking to BRYT Skincare about men’s skincare for a little feature I’m working on, but me being me I inevitably got distracted and ended up getting stuff for myself instead. I may not be a man (which is a shame because I’d be a dab hand at mansplaining) but I am a very special and amazing person so they very kindly agreed to send me some bits and bobs to try out, namely their Calm Serum and Night Cream.


Then a funny thing happened: a few days into using the BRYT stuff (and yes I did like it but more about that later) I had a flick through the blurb to get some info so I could do a half decent write up, when I stumbled across them talking about “young skin“.

My first thought (OK, second thought – my first thought involved denial at what year it was and what year I was born) was that I’d made a monumental cock up and got the wrong stuff; that maybe they assumed I was a young nubile thing (probably on account of how immature I am) and am not their preferred target audience and couldn’t possibly have anything useful to say about their product; that maybe I should leave anything remotely beauty-bloggery to, well, beauty bloggers – and young ones at that.

Firstly, it wasn’t that deep. Secondly, the lovely team at BRYT saw my waffly self-doubting post on Instagram, and reassured me that their products were suitable for me – and for all ages.


Then another curious thing occurred within days: I saw an announcement by Allure Magazine that they have dropped the ‘Anti Ageing’ label and won’t be using that phrase again in their publication. At the same time, Helen Mirren was in the press reminding us that reaching your 70s is a fabulous privilege and not a twilight zone of Werthers Originals and sensible shoes (ironically, exactly what my 30s have panned out to be). And while L’Oréal’s more recent race row has really taken the shine off the many positive messages that they are able to convey to women, the idea of celebrating women of all ages (read: older ages) is actually really quite liberating.


Having read this, I felt encouraged not to let the beauty industry stick a label on me, to make me feel like I have to try harder, or that I wasn’t in any way as valuable as my younger contemporaries.

Now I don’t claim to know too much about cosmetology (previously unreleased Sam Cook material there) but sod it – what difference does that really make? I’ve got this far in life just washing my face with soap and water every day so it’s a bit late for me to start caring too much about scientific shit. But what I do know is that this inclusive ethos appeals to me far more that promises of miraculous wrinkle zapping.


As far as the actual products go, as well as giving me something of an epiphany alongside bad ass Helen Mirren, I’ve been really pleased with both the Calm Serum and Night time cream after using them for about three weeks now.

The smell is lovely – it’s spa like without being over perfumed – and I’ve noticed that my skin’s no longer tight, flaky, or getting the kind of angry spots which are soul destroying during teenage years but an absolute travesty at my age.

It’s British made, cruelty free, and vegan (I don’t actually know what that means but I can imagine that appeals to a lot of people so thought I’d mention it – told you I should leave this to professional beauty bloggers!).

One of the things I noticed compared to other clunky pots of night cream that I’ve used, too, is how compact the containers are which makes all the difference to me when my bedside table is cluttered with small tractors, beakers, and packs of sensitive wipes. I’ve managed well so far only using these two products but once I’ve stopped scaring myself with talk of “young skin” I’ll be choosing something else to add to them.


Check them out on social media and browse their stuff on the Bryt Skincare website.

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