This Is The Week That Was #22

Remember the time I had a cold and practically expected the Red Cross to set up a field hospital by my bedside?

It happened again. A summer cold. I was very ‘woe is me’ – I’m appropriating Man Flu and making it my own. And it wasn’t just me. Everyone had it. The kids, the grown ups – I think it was even spreading by whatsapp at one point.

And without wanting to bore you with my medical history (I’m saving those kind of treats for my old age when bunions and skin conditions are absolute conversational gems) my uncanny ability to pick up colds and my seeming inability to shift them, is a manifestation of my shitty overall health.

In short: I’ve been letting myself go. So I’m planning an overhaul. Top to bottom. Physical and mental. Expect lots of enthusiastic posts from me like I’ve just burst out of Love Island with a fistful of sponsorship deals (I haven’t got any sponsorship deals but I’m looking at you Morrisons and fluttering my eyelashes cause I’ve been getting my big shop from you for the longest time and I feel like we should make things official now).

Actual footage of me getting off my arse once a year

Anyway I won’t bang on about that now; not least because part of feeling better surely has to be thinking more positively.

So I’ve given myself a (figurative) slap round the face and reminded myself not to mope about not going on holiday, or to festivals, or actually doing much fun stuff these summer holidays. I mentioned the other week that my car broke down – it’s been two months now – and after relying on driving my entire adult life I feel really quite lost without it and haven’t been able to visit anyone or go much further afield than the local shops and park independently.

My ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ might need a bit of work

Instead of dwelling on what I have been missing out, on I’m going to accentuate the good stuff. I know, I know – this should be common sense, right? Those tricky little buggers Anxiety and Depression will do that to you though; turn nice stuff into a negative and make you think everything is shit even at times when it isn’t.

So, I’ve written a whole heap of stuff over the past weeks which if you haven’t read yet I’d LOVE you to catch up on and there’s pretty much a theme – me Dad and me favourite city in the weeerld!

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And I’m still busy with new stuff to write about and things I’ve been up to, too. I want to tell you about where I’ve been to eat (Almost Famous, Ropewalks), entertainment (Unlock Liverpool’s One Night in Rio party, Dunkirk at the pictures), and some other stuff I fancied featuring on the blog (Children’s bedrooms and men’s grooming products) – and that’s just for August.

I honestly don’t know how these full time bloggers manage it. I can’t manage anything full time!

Until next time, high fives all round.

B x

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