Ropewalks Food & Drink Lounge

Ah, Ropewalks Food & Drink Lounge… Another eatery I can add to the list of places where I failed to stick to my ‘don’t visit the same place twice in six months’ rule. After the success of a knock-out lunch at my last visit, they launched a new menu so I returned for dinner (or tea as it is correctly called in Liverpool) to see if it was still as good.

The service is still as good as ever, although there’s perhaps no surprises there as I’ve yet to visit anywhere in Liverpool where anyone’s been rude to me, and I always think visitors to the city who are staying upstairs in the Novotel must really enjoy their stay with such friendly staff everywhere.

A lovely couple in their 70s were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary nearby and were looked after extremely well by the staff. I do hope they had a lovely weekend in Liverpool. We took some photos for them with their fancy dessert, which I hope they enjoyed showing their family. Makes you smile, seeing old(er) people in love, doesn’t it?

I didn’t try any cocktails because I had to keep a semi clear head for Breakout Liverpool after the meal (it’s against the rules to turn up drunk although I’m sure my friends would agree it’d probably help my clue solving skills if I did) but a little liver bird tells me that the Scouse Bird cocktail is to die for so maybe I’ll pop in next time I’m buying my false eyelashes in Home & Bargain and try one out.

Instead, the focus was entirely on the food; and three courses was definitely on the cards. I went for the ham bon bons, open ravioli, and mango sorbet.

The starter was made with lovely tasty ham hock and a quite delicate, sweet mustard sauce on the side. Let’s not pretend I didn’t also help myself to nachos and hand-stretched pizza during my visit but on the whole I tried to keep my choices on the light side.

I’d spied the unusual smoked haddock scotch egg on the menu but thought eating nothing but balls for dinner would be a step too far even for habit-forming little old me, so I chose the open ravioli with tasty pine nuts which was very well cooked although probably a bit more gentle than what I’m used to – I’d have whacked a load of nutmeg in and made it a bit more punchy. But a good choice if you don’t want any overpowering flavours (and I didn’t fancy a garlicky reminder of my tea while I was in a locked room at Breakout afterwards).

The mango sorbet was both mangoey and sorbet-like which is always reassuring. A nicely refreshing end to the meal, and I was pretty chuffed with myself for not choosing the most stodgy and chocolatey thing on the menu which is usually my default setting.

If you’ve never been in to Ropewalks Food & Drink Lounge before, then it’s worth a visit. It’s comfy, the decor is nice, the staff are friendly and the menu is varied and affordable enough to make it a good option for either lunch or dinner (*coughs* “tea”). Because it’s part of the large open plan ground floor of a hotel, it’s family friendly too. And even if you’ve got older kids, you can safely leave them to play pool or Xbox nearby while you finish with coffee or move to the bar area for drinks.

Besides, it’s never overcrowded, which means you can eat up and go back to your shopping, carry on celebrating your Golden Wedding, or go and find your way out of an Escape Room, in your own time.

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