Almost Famous x Hellmanns Mayo: Tackling the Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger

The northern powerhouse of burgers, Almost Famous, hooked up with Hellmanns Mayo to bring the good people of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds the limited edition Frickin’ Hell Mann burger. Geddit? Hellmanns? Hell Mann? Anyway guess who went to try it? Yep. You’re welcome.

Almost Famous

Never been to Almost Famous? Neither had I. Which, yes, is very surprising given my love of all things carby and cheesy. Anyway, it’s one of those trendy places with exposed, slightly industrial ceiling work, splashes of quirky decor and lovely friendly staff. I liked it loads.

The Liverpool restaurant was bustly but not too busy at lunchtime with mate dates, work lunches, parents and teenagers, and us: professional eaters.

The food and drink menus include names like the vegetarian Alicia Silverstone burger, the Smash Up On Interstate 5 Philly cheese steak, the Baddaboom fries, and the Frat Party boozy sharer.

But I was there to check out a very special limited edition burger…

The Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger

The lovechild of Almost Famous and Hellmanns Mayo boasts quite the combo of ingredients. A double beef patty, a ‘skirt’ of grilled cheese, luxuriously gloopy mac n cheese, tasty pulled pork, and fat frickles, topped with mayo (of course). Geddit? The Frickin’ Hell Mann? Genius.

How To Eat It

As burgers are getting bigger and fabber these days there’s always a certain amount of dexterity needed to conquer them. And I’m not saying it’s like Ultimate Wipeout but…

Contestant A chose the deconstruction method: dismantling some of the filling first then eating the burger whole.

Contestant B went for the ‘cut the whole thing in half’ approach.

Put it this way: there was no winner.

Whatever way you choose, it’s packed so full that you’ll end up with some of it falling out anyway so just embrace the abundance and try your best!


It’s filling. Very filling. You do not need to order a side of fries. Just trust me on this.

We are some of the greediest and most permanently hungry people you’ll come across and it still wrote us off.

Perfectly cooked, great taste. Get them while you can!

Hellmanns and trendsetting burger joint, Almost Famous, have created a new limited-edition dish, the Frickin’ Hell Mann, available from 27th July to 24th August. Enjoy at any of the Almost Famous restaurants in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool between 27th July and 24th August, priced at £12.

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