This Is The Week That Was #21

My car broke down.

It broke down weeks ago. On the way home from the nursery run, it rolled rather abruptly to a halt, leaving me just enough time to pull in safely and park it up on a nearby street and walk home.

It’s. Still. There.

Now’s not exactly the time for me to be forking out money fixing constant mechanical problems, so I’ve left it – very much dead and gathering summer dust – while I work out what to do with my car (and by ‘car’, I mean ‘life’).

Fortunately I haven’t quite reached the depths of despair that Scarlet Wonderland talks about in her latest blog post charting the Four Stages of Life After Payday but there have certainly been a few ‘Why am I like this?’ moments along the way!

It’s ever such a first world problem isn’t it, having to ‘make do’ without your car? So I’ve been trying to remain upbeat; after all, adapting to any kind of adversity is a good thing, right? At any rate, I’m lucky enough to live under a mile away from nursery so we just walk every day.

But when I pan out a little bit, I begin to feel a bit miffed at not being able to easily go further afield. I miss my independence and I’ve missed out on blogging opportunities (yes, believe it or not even a knobhead like me gets fancy invites sometimes), not to mention not being able to commit to family and friends. I’m not even going to attempt to list all of the things I had hoped to do throughout July because it’ll just make me feel rotten.

So while a lot of my plans are merely pencilled in at the moment, and I’ve had to do a lot of explaining to people that I can’t say for definite when I’ll be driving again, I’ve at least got some dates in the diary that are definite and am looking forward to and can focus on, optimistically.

‘One Night in Rio’ – Unlock Liverpool’s Brazilian Carnival Party

Unlock Liverpool know how to throw a good knees up, and I loved their Suicide Squad themed bash at Halloween. This year, following on from the city’s amazing Brazilica weekend, I’ve got tickets to their Brazilian Carnival event at Playground next month.

I won’t be going full ‘feathers and sequinned bikini’ myself but I am looking forward to the samba show, petal shower, and generally getting to do something a bit bloody different on a night out. I might stretch to a bit of glitter and face gems. No promises!

I spoke to the Unlock Liverpool team (they’re fab and cute) and have been giving away tickets on social media but if you missed out and fancy coming along I think you can still get your hands on the remaining tickets here.

Pirate Festival at the Albert Dock

One event I do want to dress up to the nines for is the annual pirate festival.

I enjoyed it so much last year that I swore I was going to go in costume this September. As it is now only six weeks away, though, and so far I have only accumulated a compass for an outfit, I’m not sure if I can make this happen. So watch this space!

Festival of the Dead

This is a national event that I hadn’t heard of until a friend suggested it. Apparently not linked to the traditional Dia de Muertos festivities, it reaches Liverpool a few weeks before Halloween and promises to be a massive candy skull and flower garland extravaganza.

With a bit of luck I’ll have either sorted my car problem out – or become more accustomed to living without one – sooner rather than later, as I did have some nice ideas for road trips with my 3 year old where public transport just won’t cut the mustard.

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