My Top 5 Barbies from the 1980s

Barbie: shaping innocent young lives with unattainable and unnecessary images of beauty and lifestyle ideals since 1959. But back in the days of Dynasty, big hair and convertible sports cars, I was a keen childhood fan of Barbies, as much as the next little girl. That’s why I’m the self appointed expert on which were the best Barbies from the 1980s .

Crystal Barbie

In fifth place we have Crystal Barbie with some massive bling earrings that you could take in and out. Amaze. But otherwise underwhelming eveningwear, once you remove the stunning metallic/hologramesque stole. I also had Ken. He had white slip-on shoes. Oozing style. White Ken was only ever pictured with White Barbie and ‘Ken of Colour’ (I don’t know what they called him – hopefully just “Ken” cause that was his name – and good luck if you EVER saw him on a shelf in real life) with what Mattel obvs thought was his appropriate companion.

Sweetheart Barbie

Straight in at number 4, we have the classic Love Heart Barbie. Lovely use of chiffon, adorable sweetheart neckline. Incredible puff sleeves. Very ‘girl next door’. Except she’s still Barbie, not Claire from Stockport or Laura from Milton Keynes.

Dream Glow Barbie

In third place and with commendable use of a great Science x Fashion collaboration is a GLOW IN THE F-ING DARK BARBIE.

Peaches n Cream Barbie

Coming in a close second is Peaches n Cream Barbie which you might remember came with a little spinner so you could choose how to style her amazing multiway creation in what I consider to be the world’s classiest colour scheme. Although technically the peach wasn’t actually accompanied by any cream – just a sort of crystal effect bodice.

Magic Moves Barbie

And in first place, technology meets glamour as the winner is Magic Moves Barbie – flick the flesh coloured switch on her back and both her arms MOVE. Elsa from Frozen (that basic) has nothing on this timeless classic. If this doesn’t make you want to take out finance for extensive cosmetic surgery just so you can go as Magic Moves Barbie to a fancy dress party then frankly you have no soul.

Did you have any of these Barbies from the 1980s? Which was your fave? Perhaps you were more of a Sindy fan? Or did you manage to avoid them altogether and live a much more wholesome life growing up?

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  1. Rebecca
    August 28, 2018 / 10:19 am

    My favourite barbies are:
    1# Peaches N Cream Barbie
    2# Magic Moves Barbie
    3# Crystal Barbie
    4# Sweetheart Barbie
    5# Pink &pretty Barbie

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