This Is The Week That Was #20

A lot’s gone on since I wrote my last ‘This Is The Week That Was’. So much so, in fact, that I’m thinking of changing the name – maybe ‘That Was Mostly My Month’ would be better!

I purposely took a little break, as we are all wont to do now and again, while I focussed on other things on and off the blog. I guess I missed it though; the catharsis of putting my own thoughts down in black and white – not to mention my ideal kind of relationship whereby I talk completely about me and don’t have to listen to anything about you.

So here I am. Back. But this time I kinda do want to hear from you.

The election, terrorist attacks, Grenfell… it hasn’t made me all touchy feely exactly; I’m not really effervescent with sentimentality over these things. But it’s certainly a lot of bad vibes in the space of a short time for even those of us far removed to take on board.

I’m a sensitive person but I usually try and block out a great deal of the news because it makes me feel terribly helpless. What I’m most guilty of is blocking out nearly all of what happens across the world because I can only just about cope with the quagmire of shitty decisions and misery this country is subjected to, let alone the abject horror of other countries.

Is it cringey to feel like you really related to loads of strangers’ Instagram captions? Because while all this horrible stuff has been happening I’ve really felt a lot of love for all these amazing people I follow; their good vibes, their strong hearts. I’m glad I follow a bunch of strong women. Some mothers, some others, some reprobates (yes, I’m talking about you), some northern, some southern, some young, some old, all daughters.

I’m glad I follow them instead of people off TOWIE, or whatever the latest reality TV thing is (the word ‘reality’ should really be taken out if you ask me), or Instacelebs who are just trying to flog you a sponsored sarong and a teeth whitening kit.

So, more of that please, followers and followees. More of you being you, of looking good in your skin, of not pretending to be something you’re not, of using harsh swear words to describe injustice, of admitting you had a really shit tea last night.

Be back soon with a Week That Was where something happened.

Til then, as Jerry Springer used to say: Take care of yourselves and each other.

B x

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