This Is The Week That Was #17

Hello and welcome to This Is The Week That Was which was a week without eating out so I’ll spare you pictures of food for a change. I haven’t given it up for Lent or anything, eating out, I’m just skint and have got no mates at the mo.

So instead, what’s new with me? Well, I went Primo’s ‘parent consultation’ at nursery this week which I’m not going to go into detail about – firstly because that’s his private business and not mine to tell all and sundry about, and secondly because I feel like with the best will in the world these things usually turn into a Stealth Brag and that’s just not my style.

Anyway, it was a good chance to catch up with his teacher and find out more about what floats his boat when he’s there without me and it’s also a useful juncture for me to review what we do together at home to help his development. I’m no SuperMum, you all know this already, but I am pretty capable and I feel like I should stretch and challenge myself a bit more in certain areas.

One of the things I’m keen to do more with him is what they call “mark making” which as it sounds is drawing, painting, colouring etc. He never seems that interested in doing it with me and I tend to let him choose what he wants to do at home but I think I’m going to gently encourage a bit more of this.

It’s so much easier in the summer when we paint on long rolls of wallpaper in the garden and use chalks on the paving slabs but I usually stick to crayons indoors and perhaps I ought to mix it up a bit.

In the meantime we’ve been really enjoying all the buds and blossoms and seeing spring making an appearance lately. One of my absolute fave parts of being a mum is being outdoors with him and showing him plants and flowers and I don’t do it nearly enough cause I honestly don’t make as  much of an effort as I should, but fortunately we live in a leafy part of the world so there’s a fair bit of nature on our doorstep.

We’ve also joined in with the mini growing project on Instagram (check out the hashtag #HeyitsMRbloom) with the very inspirational ladies behind Motherhood Reconstructed and Hey.. Is That Me? which has got me in the mood for national gardening week next month (update: still no sweet peas but we live in hope).

What I’m reading

Late to the party on this one but finally started The Girl On The Train. I’m enjoying the structure and style of writing but I have to confess I got a considerable way in before I realised that the diary-style entries skip back and forward in time and weren’t chronological. Might help me understand what was going on a bit better if I paid slightly more attention.

I’ve really been enjoying the Whores of Yore Twitter account and all its historical titbits (if you’ll pardon the ghastly pun) and links to really interesting facts about women and sex work throughout the ages, language and terminology, portraits, and the risks (and diseases!) they endured. There’s lots of pictures of very hairy muffs but is also a celebration of all women, whatever their roles in life and I think that can only be a good thing.

From one ‘fiery twat’ to another; I also very much enjoyed reading about my gorgeous’ little mate Scarlet Wonderland‘s recent axe-throwing trip to Manchester. She’s about four foot fuck-all so the idea of her lobbing weaponry about is absolutely hilarious to me, but also (don’t tell her this) dead inspiring because she’s the kind of little ball of energy who just goes out and does whatever the fuck she wants. I on the other hand, spend about four months debating whether I should try an activity and then generally decide it’s probably better if I don’t. But who knows – maybe axe-throwing is something I could give a whirl, too (figuratively, that is – literally is still debatable).

Until next time, give yourself a high five from me.

B x

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