’10 Non Cringe Valentines Dates in Liverpool’ for The Guide Liverpool

Eternally cynical and never a fan of public displays of affection, it took nearly every ounce of my good will to write ’10 Non Cringey Valentines Dates in Liverpool’ for The Guide Liverpool (and I promise you I didn’t add “to keep things fresh” onto the title, that was probably to appeal to their readership which is primarily comprised of people who are a bit more Will & Kate, and a bit less Miss Haversham). From board games to bags of chips, there’s nothing I like more than the idea of shrugging off the pressures of one of the cringiest days of the year.

Away from the commercialism and the forced shows of love on social media, I do actually mark Valentine’s Day and always have done (I’ll have you know I’ve had quite a few cards and red roses in my time despite being a complete horror) and these days I use the feast day of the patron Saint of love, young people and marriage as excuse to extend the celebrations to my son with heart shaped chocolates, his own card, and basically all the tacky stuff I’ve always considered myself above giving or receiving before!

Enjoy x


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