This Is The Week That Was #13

Oh. It’s December. Not sure how that happened.

Panic is about to set in. I had a list that I made last year on tips to myself of how to make Christmas easier this year. It included completing all my Christmas present shopping by the end of October.

Current total of Christmas presents bought: 0.

Number of outstanding parking tickets trying desperately to appeal: 2.

Number of things recently appeared on to-do list which have all of a sudden taken priority ahead of buying Christmas presents: 31.

You might think it’s not a big deal but you’d be very wrong. You see, I’ve lived with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for some years now and me and this Christmas shit do not mix. And it’s a real shame y’know, because I truly love Christmas. I love the run up more than the actual day, and I even love the period between Christmas and new year which I personally think is the most underrated week of the year.

Last year I totally lost my shit over a pair of mittens and this year I’m moment away from something similar happening. It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of family birthdays in December and January and I’m just not great at taking things in my stride and getting organised like a normal person.

That said, I’ve been trying to stay upbeat. I finally broke out the Christmas Bangers playlist on Spotify, had a cutesy pre-Christmas day out with two year old Primo, and ordered a Whisky Advent calendar (but actually neglected to get a normal advent calendar for my only child so it’s kinda swings and roundabouts so far).

There’s also heaps of amazing charity campaigns going on at the moment, so much so yin fact that I’m beginning to lose track of what I need to drop of where and when, so I need to get a bit more organised with that too. Obviously Christmas and winter are a really important time for so many charities and at least one is usually (I hope) on most people’s radar at any one time.

This year I’m focussing on Pyjama Party Liverpool, The Whitechapel Centre, Shoebox Full of Love Homeless Appeal, Advent Bank in South Liverpool, and the Trussell Trust. I always give a few quid to the Sally Army too because even though I don’t really understand who they are or what their uniforms are all about, I know they do a lot of good work with the hungry and homeless plus I’m a sucker for a brass band.

If you’ve got any tips for keeping your cool before Christmas then please share them with me. Anxiety can take all the fun out of the most joyful of events and even thought I can’t turn back time and get all the shopping done before the end of October like I promised myself I would, I can hopefully find some coping strategies for the next few weeks.

B x

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