Unlock Liverpool: The Joker’s Crypt at 23 Fleet Street

Do you remember me telling you about my costume quandary recently? It was for Unlock Liverpool’s ‘Suicide Squad’ themed Halloween party at 23 Fleet Street, a gorgeous tequila and cocktail bar in the bustly Ropewalk area of the city.

Anyway, long story short: I decided to go as Katana, the quiet martial arts bird, on the basis that she wore the most clothes out of all the other women in the movie apart from iffy government suit Amanda Waller.

Turns out, I love a good costume, me! I’d half heartedly mentioned after this year’s pirate festival that I wanted to take part in the next parade and now I know how much I actually like dressing up, I’ve been furiously googling authentic reproduction cutlasses and tricorn hats. I got heaps of compliments from friends and superhero fans on my costume and although my two samurai swords were a little tricky to untie from my massive red sash when I needed a wee, I felt comfy and was pleased overall with my efforts. (Between you and me, my red sash wasn’t a real kung fu belt – it was one of those massive chair ribbons that people buy for wedding receptions, but it managed to contain my post c-section bumbag so did the job just fine!)

Clockwise from Top Left: Halloween Crowds greet Batman and Iron Man; Bane meets the Psychotic Princess Harley Quinn; Treats at 23 Fleet Street; Bane meets Katana

We arrived to an atmospheric basement bar to be greeted by the Joker himself, where we could help ourselves to candy floss and toffee apples. We had our own booth for the night with candles, day of the dead decorations, and loads of sweets and buckets of popcorn for us. The DJs got it just right; there was a really good eclectic but not obscure mix including stuff from the Suicide Squad soundtrack for good measure.

The organisers Unlock Liverpool had arranged some fantastic character appearances – the Joker and Harley Quinn were so good and stayed in character all night. Their costumes had the most amazing attention to detail and I’ve decided I’d really like to go to the next Liverpool Comic Con to see more of the results of the time and effort that people put in. There was a wonderful moody Batman and even Iron Man made an appearance (pssssst! I saw him take his legs off and he was wearing red tights underneath). You can find out more about who they all were and how to contact them in Unlock Liverpool’s latest post. If you’re ever having a big corporate event or party for someone who really really loves superheroes then these guys are ideal; I’m talking hundreds of pounds worth of suits and accessories not just an ill-fitting onesie from Asda that you managed to persuade your brother in law to squeeze into that one time.

Clockwise from Top Left: My costume accessories; Weaponry for days: Katana meets Harley Quinn and the Joker; Girl Power: The Joker & Harley

Later in the evening there was a burlesque performance from another Harley Quinn which was something so different and altogether the event made such a change from an average night out. The other guests costumes were fantastic – Negan, Rick & Lori and a zombie from The Walking Dead; Killgrave from Jessica Jones; an imposing Bane, Poison Ivy other DC Comics characters, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many great costumes in one party. Even outside in the street, the quality of costumes in Liverpool was outstanding. I’m already planning next year’s…

In the meantime I’ll be keeping an eye on Unlock Liverpool to see what they’ve got in store in future and for news and reviews of what’s going on around Liverpool.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out more.

I’d like to say thank you to my friends for a boss Halloween weekend, a great night out (which ended in a slap up meal in the Mayflower Chinese restaurant at 4am where I finally took my wig off), to Unlock Liverpool for a great party, and to 23 Fleet Street for great service and lovely staff.

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