This Is The Week That Was #12

At the risk of sounding like Brenda from your work at Wine o’clock on Facebook: I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. October has gone in a flash and November is slipping between my fingers too. One moment it was Halloween and the next minute you’re getting your baubles down from the loft.

“Could’ve sworn that Etsy seller told me it was meant to say ‘Merry Christmas'”

There’s something exciting about Halloween. It seems to be the first of the big wintry events doesn’t it; Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…

We’ve always done Halloween in our family. We didn’t have pumpkins to carve, we had turnip lanterns. We’d read ghost stories and bobbed for apples, have dead men’s fingers for tea (hotdogs) smothered in bats blood (tomato sauce), play duck apple and dress up as ghosts in old bedsheets. The next day we’d pray solemnly and seriously for our dead. One of the quirks of coming from a catholic background.

Wholesome family traditions 

We did the same this year with the kids in our family although trick or treating doesn’t sit comfortably with me as I never did it as a child. Instead we decided to be giver outers and two year old Primo enjoyed offering a bucket of sweets to all the children who came knocking, shouting “Trick or Treat! Happy Birthday!” at them. Shout out to the kid who did such a theatrical and terrifying performance that Primo hid between my legs, but was very apologetic and accommodating when I asked him to take his mask off and show he was just a big boy dressed up for fun.

Bonfire night came and went with my dad’s annual fireworks extravaganza where he spends a whole day positioning rocket launching stakes in amongst my mum’s favourite roses then we all sit inside in the dark with the couch turned round against the patio windows and watch him run around in the garden lighting fuses and taking cover.

Rockets amongst the roses: Mum suddenly realises what Big Frank’s  been doing with all those John West tins since Easter

We have quite a few family birthdays over Christmas and new year and have had some special celebrations in 2016 too, so everyone seems to be running round like headless chickens even more than normal.

Last year I got in a flap in the run up to Christmas and that was even without all the stress of these extra additional family occasions and little nuisances like mine and Primo’s recent colds (welcome back, Colin from the Secret Garden). So, I’ve made executive decision: I’m going to take a little social media break over Christmas to preserve my sanity. Or, if not ‘preserve’, then at least try not to snap it in two, stamp on it, then piss all over it.

What are your tips for not blowing a fuse like a string of 70s fairy lights this Christmas?

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