This Is The Week That Was #9

I’ve had a cold lately and I’d just like you to take a moment out of your busy day to feel suitably sorry for me.

Earlier in the year, I found out that I had glandular fever and suspected pneumonia because obviously I’m just really shit at being a living breathing human being and was riddled with all kinds of bacteria and misery. But even that wasn’t a patch on The Dreaded Common Cold (am lying for effect, I hope you know that – but indulge me). 

Side note btw: I feel a real sense of one-ness with Hillary Rodders Clinton but need to do some more reading up on whether she’s actually a good egg or a bad egg cause clearly she’s not as bad as that permatanned danger Donald Trump but the internet don’t like her much either so perhaps I ought to educate myself a little more. Haven’t actually done much of that on the politicians in my own country tbh and couldn’t be arsed to vote in the Labour leadership elections because it was all a bit too much like in the 80s when my mum and dad used to have a big massive row in the hall and you didn’t quite know which room to retreat to until they shut up, especially if you were just on your way to get some Jaffa Cakes but were stuck on the stairs unable to get past the warring parents. Except with ballot papers and arguably fewer smear campaigns.

No I’m fine, honest. I did the big shop online and I got some of that Max Strength Lemsip from Home & Bargain

Anyway back to The Cold, cause this is important stuff (to me, and probably – I like to imagine – you). It lasted for two sodding weeks this cold. In fact at one point, I think I started to get a second cold before the first one had actually cleared up. You know right at the end of a cold when you’re so bloody congested that it feels like someone’s holding your head underwater in a noisy swimming pool? Yeah, that. I know, right? Commence pity. 

Two year old Primo was also poorly. In fact it was him that brought the germs home from nursery. Which, y’know….its to be expected isn’t it? And he was fine; bit of calpol, slightly lighter meals, a few naps with me instead of by himself. He’s always so happy and busy that he never really lets these things get in his way. 

I, on the other hand, am like Colin from The Secret Garden and if I’m perfectly honest I quite like the idea of a Victorian wicker wheelchair for occasional use and being pushed round some ornamental grounds for some restorative fresh air by a sturdy nurse in starched uniforms. I had to settle for lemsip though and lots and lots and lots of tissues. When I ran out of tissues I used loo roll, and when I couldn’t reach any loo roll I used whatever else was to hand: socks, knickers, Primo’s pyjamas while he was wearing them… (not quite as bad as it seems – we were about to get dressed anyway. Ish.)

You want me to make the tea? With this cold?

TFW you take Night Nurse before 9am just to get you through the Teletubbies

In all seriousness, it’s taken it out of me and left me feeling a little melancholy as the washing piles up around me and I’m not quite able to fire on all cylinders just yet. And my skin! Urgh, all the nose blowing and the central heating and the poor sleep isn’t doing me any good at all. I seriously need some TLC. Or self care. STLC? Tender self love? Or is that something else entirely…

But I think what’s mostly been a shame recently has been missing out on visits to see family, and some other stuff I was really looking forward to. I was massively gutted to miss Independent Liverpool’s Oktoberfest event which I had tickets for, and had been getting into the spirit for by playing The Lonely Goatherd on repeat because I don’t like to brag but I do know all the words and am quite the accomplished yodeller. I was dead miffed not to be able to attend a preview of I Daniel Blake by my absolute fave director Ken Loach – plus Q&A session with producer Rebecca O’Brien! – and also falling behind with both the blog and my Future Learn courses.

Independent Liverpool’s incredible Oktoberfest

Potentially iconic director Ken Loach’s last ever film: I, Daniel Blake

Future Learn is something I keep telling people about and it’s like it’s too good to be true because they must be at least selling all my personal data if not signing me up to an illegal organ harvesting racket the moment I registered, but essentially it’s loads of fab free online short courses. I’m currently doing one about the importance of literature in mental health which is facilitated by actual real life literature professors from the University of Warwick’s business school. It’s just wonderful to be doing something for free, in my own time, with no pressure, which I can dip in and out of when I find time.

One of the free online courses I’ve been doing via Future Learn

One of the useful things I’ve found as well actually, is that it’s given me a little peak into my suitability to take on a costly/long term course – and essentially what I’m saying is no I’m not ready for that just yet! I’ve got too much going on and although I know there’s loads of people out there that are really organised and can fit loads of activities into their lives, I’m kinda not one of them. 

Anyway have a look on their website – there’s so so many different topics to choose from, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And the best thing? You can do it all online so you don’t have to catch germs off disgusting fellow students like me.

T’ra for now,

B x

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