This is the week that was #6

had a little holiday last week. I didn’t go very far. It wasn’t even a full blown Staycation which anyone who knows me will know I am a MASSIVE fan of. But, there was very little in the way of laundry and housework so that’s almost akin to a fortnights in the Maldives to me.

The weather’s been a bit hit and miss but it didn’t stop me from rolling my Mom Jeans up and going for a paddle at Crosby beach and enhancing the Antony Gormley sculptures with a lovely Topshop handbag I found in the back of my wardrobe that I hadn’t seen in nearly 10 years so it was almost like buying a new one, such was the excitement – usually reserved for finding a tenner in an old coat pocket from last winter.

Another Place OOTD

It felt shitty being at the seaside without my little right hand man but he was having a ball with dad who he just adores so I tried to tell myself not to feel guilty. It was quite hard, because there were still lots of kids off school for the summer and I am just so used to having him with me that it was difficult not to miss him. 

Afterwards, I finally got my hair done which I’d been putting off for ages. Shout out to the lovely stylists at Voodou for not bollocking me about my truly awful DIY colour job and the fact I traipsed sand through the salon.

I also managed to visit Ital Fresh down in the Baltic area, where they’re putting on a weekly night called Food For Thought with their fabulous vegan street food, open mic spots, spoken word, and absolutely unreal rum punch at the bar which had so much tropical fruity flavour that I’d swear it was one of your five a day.

Ital Fresh present Food For Thought @ District, the Baltic Triangle

None of this might seem much. No cocktails in skyscrapers or pool parties in Marbella. But it was just the perfect week for me. Slow, relaxed, good company and a break from the everyday. 

Until next time,

B x

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